Hi, I’m Trina

Hello reader – I’m Trina, an Etsy seller living in Hertfordshire and the creator Mum behind the Etsy shops Once Upon Paper Co and Love Wonder Prints.

I started a blog to help crafty Mums profit from their creativity. I love to share my knowledge of Etsy and I’m happy to give away lots of freebies along the way.

Where it all began

My journey began when we lived in the UK – I was in the aviation industry, but wanted to spend time bringing up the family and at home.

I learned Photoshop and Illustrator to combine my love of patterns with my drawing and digital skills.

Since I began I’ve started four Etsy shops, but now wish to concentrate on blogging and become an entrepreneur.

We moved to Hong Kong for work and school and although it is different from living in the Somerset levels. Hong Kong does have its advantages. High-speed internet for one. We stayed for 6 years and now live back in the UK, In Hertfordshire.

In my spare time, I like to walk and run around the local area.

A few fun facts about me.

  • I’m an English forty-something Mum living in Hertfordshire
  • I spend my time doing what most other Mums do – and managing my shops in between the daily chores of bringing up three children. (although 2 of them are bigger than me now)
  • I love my own company (not in a selfish way, I just enjoy time alone and to myself)
  • I’m not a self-starter and need a list for each day, otherwise, I will stay in the coffee shop until lunch
  • I’m not as confident as I believe
  • My personality is a rebel
  • Cats, yes, dogs no.
  • I have 21,000 Pinterest followers, how did that happen?
  • I never say no to sweets, I’m a sugar addict, but rarely drink alcohol. (why you needed to know that I’m not sure)
  • I have too many plants

If you would like to keep in touch – you can find me on InstagramTwitterPinterest and Facebook (I’m not great on FB so don’t expect miracles.)

I’d love for you to join me on this journey in creating an income from what you love.

I hope you can find some helpful tips and ideas here on the site and I’m always happy to chat if you would like to get in touch. Trina(at)ohshecreates.com

Trina xo

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