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dog on keyboard with text how to start a pet shop on etsy
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How to start a Pet store on Etsy 

You may have heard that if you want to make a living selling on Etsy, you must sell in specific niches – Pets, Jewelry, Home Decor, and Gifts. In this post, I will give you ideas on how to start a pet store on Etsy and what you need to get started. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more) Click here to read my full disclosure policy. One of the best ways to…

how to scan artwork
selling art online

How to scan artwork for sale

How to scan artwork for sale  I can paint flowers in watercolor until the sun stops shining; it’s what I love. I’ve sold many of these paintings as digital prints in my online store, and I get such high reviews because of the artwork’s quality. If you have many paintings you need to digitalize, scanning your artwork correctly is key to ensuring the final prints are high quality. This post will look at the best way to scan artwork for sale, how to clean it up, and the best practices I use daily.  Yesterday I watched a…

how to make a private listing on etsy or custom order
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How to make a private listing on Etsy

As a seasoned Etsy shop owner selling digital prints, one of the biggest requests I have from customers is – Can you make me a personalized product? In this post, I’ll help you decide whether it’s worth making a private listing for a customer and how to create one on Etsy. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you purchase after clicking a link, I will earn a small commission, but it won’t cost you a penny more). Click here to read my full disclosure policy. Etsy is one of the largest online…

make money online with free prints
selling art online

Where to find free art prints to sell online

I have been an Etsy shop owner since around 2013. By far, my most successful shop sells art prints of watercolor paintings I painted myself. But what if you don’t have the time or inclination to go down this road? – is there a way to fast-track your way to Etsy success by selling free art prints you can find and download online? Don’t worry; there is a way to find FREE artwork you download and then sell online legally. So you don’t have to paint or draw to make money selling prints.  Etsy is an online…

christmas planner printable simple print and use at home
free printables

Christmas planner printable – super easy to use

If you are hoping for a stress-free holiday season, start planning. Get organized with our Free Printable Christmas planner. Planning holiday errands and activities is a lot of work. Our FREE Christmas planner is a great way to help you organize the holiday season. With 17 printable planner pages to help you manage your Christmas gifts, grocery lists, meal planning, and holiday events. Our holiday planner is free to plan those Christmas meals and ensure you have a good time this festive season. Isn’t that perfect?  Especially if you are looking for a planner to help you…

ways to use etsyhunt
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9 Ways EtsyHunt can Help your Etsy Shop

I’m about to show you the biggest secret source to put you ahead of your Etsy competitors and how to use it in this review of EtsyHunt. We will cover what EtsyHunt is and how it can put you miles ahead of the competition on Etsy. Let’s get started if you are ready to research and analyze your competition and optimize your Etsy listings. Etsy is such a vast online marketplace it’s easy to feel discouraged when your shop doesn’t sell much. Sometimes it can feel as though the Gods are against us in our quest to…

How to seal a watercolor painting
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How to seal a watercolor painting

I’ve been painting in watercolor for several years and successfully monetized selling my work through Etsy and my own website. In all honesty, I’ve never thought it a priority to seal my watercolors. However – it’s worth knowing how to seal a watercolor painting, as the colors do fade with time. Like me, you might have several piles of discounted work, bad paper choices, and mistakes, which would be a waste of money to protect, but If you plan on storing your work for the long term – you should seal your watercolor artwork to give it…

watercolor leaves with text easy watercolor painting ideas
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Easy Watercolor painting ideas

Engaging in creative activities is an experience many people try to check off their bucket lists. You can do the activity indoors and outdoors — mainly when your chosen activity is watercolor painting. A group of family and friends can enjoy watercolor painting together. Arts and crafts are beneficial for both kids and adults — painting provides people with learning and healing. Aside from being a recreational activity, painting is food for the brain — your cognitive skills are enhanced by conceptualizing ideas and learning various painting techniques. Daily watercolor painting engagement can result in mastering the…

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Best paper for watercolor painting

When I started painting in watercolor, I simply chose the best paper I could afford at the time with the prettiest label. (Kind of how I still choose Wine in the supermarket) And that’s how I carried on until I noticed the paint didn’t work the same on all papers. Choosing the best paper for your watercolor painting can take you anything from 1-100 paintings before you genuinely decide this is the paper for you. Once you have done this – you will stop buying paper because you like the packaging. To find the most appropriate watercolor…

where to find rocks to paint outside
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Best Place to Find Rocks to Paint

You can find a hobby in different things — the best way to spend leisure time and develop a particular skill. Creative activities such as Rock Painting are wonderful hobbies for kids and adults, but where can you find Rocks to paint? Art is indeed physically, emotionally, and mentally stimulating. More so when you bond with your loved ones and enjoy the activity in a fun way. People are finding great ways to express art through the years, and the rock painting was one of those discoveries. Who would’ve thought that a natural element could be an…

ways to be creative everyday
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HOW TO BE CREATIVE – (19 ideas to try)

Have you ever thought about how creative people become creative, and is it something they can turn on and off at will? Learning how to be creative is simple if you can let go of your inhibitions and just be you. New ideas are sometimes not great, but hard work and spending the time to tap your creative thinking can be a bit of a journey some days. It is not always easy to be inspirational when life throws many curve balls, especially if you have family and work full time. But here are few ideas for…

how to price your art text on watercolor image
selling art online

How to Price Digital Art for Sale

I’ve been selling art online and on Etsy since 2013. I started with a few images of things I had drawn and patterns I’d made – I sold on Etsy, but I never really valued artwork, and I priced my artwork at the same price everyone else was selling. Only recently did I actually want to look into how to price digital art for sale online? Let’s begin. As a new Etsy shop seller, it’s easy to skip over this step and look at a few other shops selling similar items and just go with their pricing….

sew and sell online image with text
Start on Etsy

Things to Sew and Sell online

Learning a skill and turning it into your passion is undoubtedly remarkable — especially if you discovered the talent at a tender age. If you are a sewist, there is a way to make money from your talent and that’s finding things to sew and sell online. Your family, friends, colleagues, schoolmates, or social media might influence your skills. Treat your talent as your trophy — mastering a skill doesn’t happen to everyone. You can’t quickly learn arts and crafts — unless you have a gift for the skill. But one great example of a unique craft…

grab this free introvert journal planner image
free printables

FREE INTROVERT JOURNAL – (Fill in at home)

Today I was wondering why introverts seem to have so much success? Yes, as varied as our characters are – many successful people fall into the category of introverts. But wait, it’s not all bad, and you can use our FREE Introvert journal to find out if you qualify too.  I’m the first person to raise my hand and say I’m a people pleaser? I honestly spend my time pleasing people. I prefer alone time to be in social situations where I have to perform. I think this gets worse as we age. I’m most at peace when…

free listings on etsy
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How I earned 60,000 FREE listings on Etsy

Many of you will know I have had an Etsy shop for several years, but did you know there is a way to get all your listings for free on Etsy? Shop owners, especially new ones, probably don’t bother trying to earn free listings on Etsy, but if that’s you – seriously, do this now to ensure you can make the maximum money in your shop. When I began this tactic, I honestly thought perhaps a few sellers would use my link and guide when they started selling on Etsy. Perhaps I would earn a few listings…

free cleaning printable image
free printables


Since moving to a smaller house, I’ve noticed it’s even more important to have a cleaning routine. The kids seem to make more mess, especially in the family rooms and the bathroom making it almost impossible in a small space kept looking nice and presentable. For this task, all I need is a cleaning planner. No one enjoys living in a messy, dirty house, and the mind isn’t able to relax if there are still pots in the sink and the wooden floors are dusty. Finding time to manage all the tasks and keeping a regular cleaning…

image of desk with text 31 ways to earn money from home
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31+ Ways to Earn Money from Home in 2022

Many of us have discovered that prioritizing family and home life might not be as far-off an idea as a few years ago. A new market for self-employed is on the horizon. If returning to pot plants and white lighting isn’t for you, there are fortunately many options if you want to earn money from home. Working from home means that we can still be super effective at Emails, direct messages, voice calls, and video calls and still maintain our sanity because we are getting better and better at combining these with our daily lives. Not forgetting,…

image with text how to use social media for Etsy shops
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How to use Social Media for Etsy shops

If you are struggling to get any sales on Etsy, it could be that your potential buyers are hanging out on social networks you haven’t tried yet. There are many ways you can use social media to promote your Etsy shop and this post will help get you started. Imagine if you could set up your social media marketing once and forget it. The best return on investment when it comes to social media is to learn one platform really well – then set it up in a way that still achieves what you want, but with…

image of desk with text how to make stickers to sell online
Etsy Shop help

How to make stickers to sell on Etsy

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will notice that Stickers are everywhere. With our insatiable appetite for all things organizing, now is a great time to learn how to make stickers to sell on Etsy. If you want to cash in on the trend for stickers or even just for your own use – we cover everything in this post. Stickers are Evergreen products; you can make and sell stickers on Etsy at any time of the year. — the item has always been marketable in every generation that has passed. From baby boomers…

image with text what size is the etsy banner
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What are the Etsy banner dimensions?

The Etsy shop banner size may seem like a trivial question when you are just starting online, but getting the correct Etsy banner dimensions the first time will save you a headache later.  The larger Etsy shop banner should be 1600x400px ideally and have some branding included. But don’t just throw up any banner image, here are some tips below to make the most of your real estate. Should you make your banner, or like many have it designed? – Getting a good Etsy banner up and designed towards your shop goals is easy with these few…

organise your etsy workflow
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Organize your Etsy workflow

Managing an Etsy shop is not as easy, even if your products are in demand and you have consistent sales. On the other hand, it’s pretty tough for many of us to get sorted, this is why Organizing your workflow in Etsy should be a priority. For some, this is easier than actually completing the order, for others (hands up), it’s the most significant barrier to creating a business you love and enjoy.  We have to work fast and accurately to ensure that each order and inquiry receive the attention they need.  If you haven’t started an…

best things to sell on etsy
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The best things to sell on Etsy

Being an entrepreneur means it’s your job to produce products, find various ways to sell them, and choose the best place to sell them online. In this post, we will find out what are the best things to sell on Etsy and in an online marketplace; what could your potential customers be looking for?  Consider your niche before opening a store account on a particular online marketplace — does Etsy have a large number of products already? – Yes, that’s a good sign. Etsy is the best place to start your online shop journey, and for me…

A complete review of Flodesk
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A complete review of Flodesk

Why you should move to Flodesk My review of Flodesk, the new email service provider, is taking the online world of internet marketing by storm. It’s easy to navigate, wonderfully intuitive, and is breaking the barriers of annoying emails. Here is why I moved from Convertkit to Flodesk. Note: This post has been updated in July 2021. I felt that Flodesk has moved on significantly enough to warrant an update. In this post, I will cover why I moved from Convertkit to Flodesk, How much Flodesk costs, and what features Flodesk has. I’ll also cover why I…

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12 Ways to increase your sales on Etsy

As an Etsy shop seller of Digital prints, I’ll be the first to admit that digital sales are not the ‘win-all’ game-changer people claim they are. But you can make some serious money if you follow a few rules. How can you quickly increase your sales on Etsy without breaking into your piggy bank? Here is a quick list of some of the things I recommend you do to gain a little traction in the sea of sequins. My shop, Once upon paper co, has been on Etsy since 2013. Do I sell stacks of items each day?…

Start on Etsy

How much does it cost to set up an Etsy shop?

Once you have a grand idea of selling on Etsy – now it’s time to take action, but how much does it cost to set up an Etsy shop? This post will look at the cost breakdown of opening your Etsy shop and making those first few sales. If you haven’t yet started, you can find complete instructions to get started on Etsy in this post. Including a link to 40 Free listings.  Read our complete guide to Etsy SEO Research your competitors on Etsy. My favorite post so far 🙂 Sell on Etsy and make money with ideas…

selling art online

How to make art prints to sell online

I know it – I, too, have a big pile of finished and half-finished artwork lying around. Like a tiny friend, they stand for both accomplishment and often a giant hug. But in the real world, it would be nice to make some money from these – so how do you start making art prints to sell online. This post will look at several options on the best ways to sell your art prints online. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you purchase after clicking a link I will earn a…

Etsy Shop help

How to research your competitors on Etsy

Before starting on Etsy or even thinking of a new product line, a great place to begin is completing some basic research on your competitors on Etsy. This makes perfect sense, but how do you research your competitors on Etsy and why? Doing this type of research before you begin is probably the best investment of your time and can save a lot of heartache and money later on down the line. Ok, so if you are like me – you tend to approach new projects like a windsock. Each day over your cornflakes up pops another…

start a website for etsy shop
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How to start a website for your Etsy shop

After running my Etsy shop for several years, it became clear I needed something else to drive traffic. So I decided it was time to start a website and grow traffic to my Etsy shop on autopilot.  Well, not quite autopilot, but it would be much more valuable traffic than what I currently get from Etsy search. This post will look at how easy it is to start a website and ways to get started. There are many reasons why a website is a brilliant way to send traffic to your Etsy shop. It’s a great way…

how to close your Etsy business
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How to close your Etsy shop

Did you know 2.5 million sellers sold goods on Etsy in 2019? That’s a lot of shops. However, many of them lay abandoned on Etsy, with minimal sales and no one looking after them. If this is you – perhaps you wish to close your Etsy shop for one reason or another. Let’s look at the best way to do this because there may be an alternative. Once you have decided to close your Etsy shop, you can do a few things to minimize the disruption and ensure the process is clean and straightforward. This post contains…

bad review on etsy
Etsy Shop help

How to deal with a bad review on Etsy

As with any business, it is never a straight road – there will be good days and bad days. If you own an Etsy shop, you will know these days can result in a bad review. Receiving a bad review on Etsy can put you back mentally and allow you to lose clarity on our goals. But dealing with a bad review is easier than you think. In this post, we will look at ways you as a shop owner can deal with a bad review on Etsy, how to resolve these problems, and learn from them….

Reviews on Etsy
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The complete guide to Etsy reviews

Many of us purchase on Etsy and fail to leave a review even though we are thrilled with our purchase. Reviews are very important for Etsy shop owners; they provide value for the next customer and improve their performance in search. Here we will look at leaving Etsy reviews in detail, how to leave a review and what do if you can’t.  Often if you are not entirely happy with the purchase, you would rather not leave a review since it feels like complaining in a restaurant. No one wants to be the first to complain.  It’s…

seo guide for etsy shop owners
Etsy Shop help

How to get found in Etsy search

In this guide, we will look at easy ways to increase traffic to your Etsy shop and discover new ways to get found on Etsy. It may seem that you have been flogging away at your shop for what feels like a generation without seeing any meaningful traction. However, Etsy is a long game, unless you are selling something in high demand right now, getting found on Etsy is key to your Etsy shop success. I still believe that a house with poor foundations will never work and a smaller house on good bricks from the outset….

how to leave a review for an etsy shop
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How to leave a review on Etsy

After you have made a purchase on Etsy, you may wish to leave a shop owner review. These reviews are essential to Etsy shop owners as they provide valuable information for buyers and improve the shops’ overall credibility. This post will cover everything about leaving Etsy shop reviews, but not how to deal with a negative review. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more) Click here to read my full disclosure policy….

Easy woodworking projects to sell
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DIY Woodworking projects to sell

If you like wood and have a hankering to start something new, why not begin learning woodwork, making small woodworking projects that sell is a great way to keep busy and make money from home. There are 100’s of items selling now on Etsy made out of wood. Many of which have a high-profit margin and can be sold online or in person. Even Dad can try to work these brilliant ideas for woodworking at home. In this post, we will discuss how to begin selling items and give you a few easy small wood project ideas….

watercolor image with text how to sell digital downloads
selling art online

How to sell digital downloads on Etsy

You can make an easy passive income these days by selling products without having to visit the post office once. Now is a great time to sell digital downloads online – with no inventory and low upfront costs, this is an excellent way to build a passive income online. In this post, we will find out how to sell digital downloads and which digital products sell well on Etsy. How much money you can make selling printables on Etsy, and how to get started with a printables business.  You don’t need any specialized training or a particular…

What size should my photos be on Etsy
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Complete guide to Etsy listing photos

If you have just started selling on Etsy, it’s essential to understand what size your Etsy listing photos should be. After all of your hard work creating your product, you don’t want to fall short with blurry images that don’t convert to sales on Etsy. In this post, we will look at the best ways to create and size your Etsy listing images to maximize your chances of a sale. If you have had a shop for a while and made a few sales – congratulations, Etsy is not a hard platform to start on, but making…

image of coloring pencils with text free pages best coloring pages
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Top 6 Best Colored Pencils for Coloring

To complete the free coloring pages, you will need some colored pencils. Ensure your work is perfect each time with these best-colored pencils for coloring. Everyone loves to color – maybe it’s a reminder of simpler times and our need to be less productive and more creative. These free coloring pages are a great way to distract yourself and destress. Simply click to download the free PDF of coloring pages below. First of all, let’s get those free printable coloring pages. Sign up below. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you…

Image with shouting women with the text ETsy shop announcement
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What is an Etsy shop announcement?

Your Etsy shop announcement is there to tell your buyers why they are here and what makes you great. It’s a way for you to communicate to your customers the main points quickly. When used correctly, it can be an excellent way to sell your shop items.  In this post, we will find the best way to use your Etsy shop announcement and give you ideas to make the most of it.  This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but…

Image of teacup with the text what can I sell on Etsy
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What are the Best Selling items on Etsy that make money?

You can start an Etsy shop very quickly with a few items. Still, if you research the best selling items on Etsy before you start, you can make money. Find something people are actually looking to buy, this way you will know what you should sell on Etsy. In this post, we will talk about what to sell on Etsy, and why starting on the right foot is the best way to make money long term.  This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you purchase after clicking a link I will earn…

Image of cactus with text what is etsy vacation mode
Etsy Shop help

What is Etsy vacation mode and who should use it

Being your own boss feels great, – most of the time. The downside of being the only person working on your business is that you often don’t get a chance to take a break. It’s ok. With Etsy vacation mode you can simply stop and put your shop on hold. In this post, we will talk about Etsy Vacation mode and why it is a good and bad idea. How to use it effectively to run your small business. Grab the free Ebook today What is Etsy vacation mode Etsy vacation mode simply means placing your shop as…

How to write a Title on Etsy
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How to write a title on Etsy

Tips to help you get found and ways to ensure you have correctly used SEO within your listings. When you add a listing on Etsy, you must also write a listing title for each item. Knowing the best way to write a title on Etsy is essential if you want to be found in search and sell your items frequently. Your Etsy title must do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to getting to page 1 in search.  Etsy uses the title to tell the algorithm what your item is and more about the item….

how to add listing on etsy free printables
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How to add a listing on Etsy

Once you have opened your Etsy shop it’s time to make some money, but first, we must add a listing on Etsy for the first time. When starting on Etsy, there are several small but crucial steps to take to get your first sale. Of course, you must first have something to sell, a way to photograph it and an idea of who you will sell it to and for how much.  In this post, we will go into the basics of how to add your first listing on Etsy. If you haven’t gotten this far yet…

Text How to brand your Etsy shop with image of paintbrush and leave art
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Guide to Etsy shop branding

Etsy is a vast marketplace, and it’s almost impossible not to notice how some shops just seem to look tidy, neat, and sophisticated all at once. We are naturally attracted to them and more than once I’ve visited a shop and just had to have something, anything because it just looked so delicious. Well, this all comes down to branding on Etsy.  This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more) Click here to…

How to set goals text with book background
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How to set goals and achieve them

We can use Goals as a road map to move our business or life forward, but how do we create Smart goals and what does it take to accomplish them? Goal setting has long been one of the best possible ways to move your business, your life, or your body forward to the next stage. It helps us overcome procrastination and improves our ability just to get things done.  Learn how to set goals and achieve them. There is also a FREE goal setting worksheet included at the end. We will look at why we should set…

Etsy shop tags
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Etsy shop tags

Whether you have been selling on Etsy for a few months or several years. Lots of us inevitably go through a slump in sales. If this is you right now and you’re scratching your head wondering how to climb out the downturn, one of the first places to look is your Etsy tags. In this post, we will break down what is a tag on Etsy, where to find them, and how to know if your tag is working. What is a keyword and a tag on Etsy How many tags do we have in each listing…

How to sell art online and make money
selling art online

How to sell art online and make money

Have you ever wondered how to sell digital art online on Etsy? Are you Stuck on how to get started selling art online to make money from home? I’m here to share with you this post, which will show you how to sell art online on Etsy and other platforms. In this post, we will talk about why Etsy is an excellent place to start selling art online. How to make money selling digital downloads – and create a passive income from home. Skip the reading with this menu from the post. What is a digital downloadWhat…

How to create a best seller on Etsy with desk image
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How to create a best seller on Etsy

I opened my Etsy shop around 2yrs ago – I’ve sold just over 4000 items, and I have less than 90 items in the shop. The reason for this is I have a couple of items that have the Best seller on Etsy badge. In this post, I will show you the best practices to get a Best Seller badge on Etsy and why it’s not necessarily a good thing.  What is the best seller on Etsy? The majority of best sellers on Etsy have several things in common. Some which are within your control and plenty…

How to create a newsletter template
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How to create a newsletter template

It’s not easy emailing your list each week, many of us put this action off for weeks or even months. It can feel frustrating and often we feel shy in sharing our thoughts and ideas with others. This leads to procrastination and the longer you leave it, the harder it is to get started again. The solution to this is to create and use an email template. Removing the barriers which might prevent us from taking action makes the process smoother and well, less hassle. How to Create a newsletter template Do you have an email list,…

Gift guide for Creative artists
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Ideal gift for Creative

Are you stuck for unique gift ideas for someone who likes to draw? or are you still searching for a gift for creative friends? This year will be new and improved with these wonderful gift ideas for a creative person. Every year I search wildly for the perfect gift for my friends. Alas, they have everything, and once you reach a certain age, Christmas and Birthdays mean even less. As a creative artist myself, this is what I would be most pleased to receive as a gift this year. Ok – so what can I give as…

Free daily planner printable
free printables

Free Daily Planner Template

I’ve been using daily to-do lists for as long as I can remember. I use them in conjunction with a digital to-do list to organize my day, but there is something about the printable planner sheet which feels more like I’m making progress toward my goals. Writing your goals down means you are more likely to achieve them. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more) Click here to read my full…

How to collect email on Etsy - includes free checklist
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How to start an email list for your Etsy shop

How to collect email address on Etsy from your customers and browsers to start your email list. Ever heard ‘the email list is where it is at’ or ‘start your email list off as soon as possible’ because ‘all the successful business have an email list’? If you are looking to start an email list for your Etsy shop, I’m going to show you how easy it is to get started and what to do with it. If you haven’t yet opened your Etsy shop, these articles will be helpful Create a Newsletter template in Flodesk Why…

how to open an etsy shop
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How to open an Etsy shop

Whether you want to sell your artwork online or produce a craft or supply – it may just be the right time to Open an Etsy Shop. Etsy is relatively simple and easy to get started and provides you with an instant online store. This is the ultimate guide on how to Open an Etsy shop in 20 simple steps. Etsy has a lot of business, which requires a lot of customers – and they do it well, they provide an online marketplace for handmade items and are often used by small businesses as a pre-curser to…

What to do before you open an Etsy shop
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14 things to do Before starting an Etsy shop

Whether you want to sell your artwork online, produce a craft or even supply something – starting an Etsy shop is the first step. But wait, there are several things you should do before opening an Etsy shop. Read on to find out what they are. I started my first Etsy shop in 2013. It took me 3hrs to find out how to get 40 free listings. Then I listed one item and left it there for a month. I put my first item up for 20cents as it was just a picture from my phone. You…

Pinterest and Etsy to promote your shop
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How to use Pinterest to promote your Etsy shop

Yes, I love Pinterest. I deleted my Facebook app off my phone to concentrate on promoting my Etsy shop on Pinterest. When I’m on Pinterest, I am learning; I’m always finding things to try and read. Like a sweet shop, you can find something to satisfy every tooth. So it seemed natural to use this visual media platform to take my Etsy shop to the next level. Some people call Pinterest a search engine; some say it’s a social media platform, but whichever way you wish to call it – it’s growing, simple, and enjoyable to use….

How to name your Etsy shop correctly
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How to name your Etsy shop

Choosing a perfect name for your Etsy shop might leave you stumped. Most business owners start their online store and choose their perfect business name, but what if that name is not available? It is possible to change your store name, but choosing the right Etsy shop name can affect your business’s success. Whatever you are planning to sell in your new etsy store, digital products, handmade jewelry, or something else, Etsy is a great e-commerce platform to start selling – and having a great name is the first step. In this post, we will brainstorm ways…

Ways to make money from home
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Sell on Etsy to make money from home.

Have you often wondered what you can make money from home? Where is the best place to sell it and how can you sell your creativity with a home-based job selling on Etsy? For some women, hitting the big 40 is no different from turning 39 or even 30. Confident in their future, their family, and their lifestyle. It’s likely they will have thrown out a few kids by then, built their beautiful home, and created a masterpiece in the garden, perhaps. Congratulations if this is you. All this is great, it brings satisfaction knowing the future…

10 quick tips to improve your Etsy shop
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10 Quick Tips to improve your Etsy shop

When starting an Etsy shop, there are many things to consider. It’s unlikely you have given any thought to SEO. Here are ten Etsy shop tips you can complete today. Most new sellers struggle to get traffic into their shop – myself included. But as long as you know what you can improve and put in a little extra effort than your nearest competition – you should see things develop over a short period. Let’s get started on improving your shop. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you purchase after clicking…

How to use all 10 Etsy listing photos
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How to fill Etsy listing images

Having to fill in a total of ten Etsy listing images can feel a little much. But this post will help. This post covers what else you can use to maximize your Etsy listing. Opportunities for you to show your beautiful item off and convert those browsers to customers. Here are several ways and an example of how to maximize those preview images within the listing on Etsy. Your Etsy listing images are the easiest way to improve your chances of getting found in the search The first listing I made on Etsy in 2013 had one…

Why Etsy shop owners fail to sell anything
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Why most people fail at selling on Etsy

Why do most people fail to sell on Etsy – either give up or not try enough to win at Etsy selling? Is your Etsy shop in heaven? Did you fail to sell anything on Etsy after putting in 200hrs of hard work? Alternatively, haven’t logged in for a while and eventually moved on and adopted a puppy instead? (actually, it was a cat for me) Selling on Etsy is not easy. It is not simple, and it is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a selling platform that can be used by those with…

image of etsy print with cat reasons to sell on etsy
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20 reasons why you should sell on Etsy

Etsy is a large growing market of creatives and if you think you’d like to start selling on Etsy but are not entirely convinced, here are the top reasons why you should start Etsy is vast, its a massive marketplace for buyers, the main market is in the US. So why shouldn’t you have some of the same selling pie? Ok, it’s not easy to sell everything on Etsy. The items you are selling have to be good quality, they should have some kind of target market to sell to. You will need to put some effort…

The biggest mistakes Etsy shop owners make
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60 Etsy shop mistakes to avoid

Starting an Etsy shop from nothing can be overwhelming. There are many ways you can ensure your shop does well and hundreds of ways to get it completely wrong. I’ve compiled some, but not all of the Etsy shop mistakes I’ve made and you should know – everyone does them. Here is a list of the Etsy shop mistakes I made when I began. In this post, I will list for you in an easily digestible format all of the Etsy shop mistakes I made when I opened and began my shop – Not sure you are…

Free Valentine Heart print
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Free Valentine Heart print

Hello Friends, Valentine’s day will soon be here. Along with the sweet anticipation of chocolates and flowers, I thought it would be nice to offer this Free Valentine print to my readers before it goes for sale in the Etsy shop. Who was Valentine? As a day of fertility and love, Valentine’s Day was established by the Romans after two men both named Valentine were executed on February 14th. Shakespeare then romanticised it in his work, and later handmade cards started to become tokens of love. Today this holiday is celebrated throughout most of the world making it one…