Best Place to Find Rocks to Paint

You can find a hobby in different things — the best way to spend leisure time and develop a particular skill. Creative activities such as Rock Painting are wonderful hobbies for kids and adults, but where can you find Rocks to paint?

Art is indeed physically, emotionally, and mentally stimulating. More so when you bond with your loved ones and enjoy the activity in a fun way.

People are finding great ways to express art through the years, and the rock painting was one of those discoveries. Who would’ve thought that a natural element could be an art material? Rock painting is a fun activity at home, and people even include the art project as a school activity.

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However, rock painting is not simply picking up a rock and brushing colors on it. Before turning a stone into a canvas, you must consider certain factors. You need to find the best places to pick up suitable rocks — the activity is a learning hobby combining arts and science.

Where can you find Rocks to paint?

You can find rocks to paint in almost any situation, and you don’t need to travel far to find them. Start by looking in your garden or the neighbors to see if they will let you. You can also go to public places such as the beach or the local park – be careful to follow the local laws about removing items from public places. You can also go the quick route and simply purchase rocks to paint online. Purchasing online is one of my favorite places as they often offer the best rocks to paint, especially if you require a certain type of rocks.

Why Paint Rocks?

Painting a rock is an unusual activity, making you want to ask about the purpose of the activity. What’s the big deal about splashing paint on rocks? The first thing that comes to mind after hearing “rock painting” is that it’s just another arts and crafts. 

Nevertheless, rock painting is an excellent option as a hobby. You’ll acquire benefits you never thought a straightforward rock could give you.

Giving Back To The Community

Rocks can help boost someone else’s mood and give them motivation — by adorning the rock with motivational quotes and uplifting images. This is the primary purpose of “The Kindness Rocks Project” by Megan Murphy — a motivational coach from Massachusetts. 

The project is to scatter uniquely designed rocks around your neighborhood and see how the beautifully designed stones affect other people’s moods. Megan Murphy believed in the power of a simple affirmation — everyone is silently going through something in their lives. You never know that a small gesture can save someone or direct them toward the right path.

painted rock with rainbow

Child Development

Don’t just leave your child in front of the television or any gadget — let them develop in creative ways. Children will surely enjoy rock painting — especially as the activity involves colors and rocks of different sizes. Colorful rocks are also a treat to their eyes, which will help a child with sensory and cognitive development. 

Moreover, you can paint a rock as an easter egg; rocks are a good alternative for actual eggs to use in the Easter egg hunt. Children can simultaneously enjoy and develop their skills—by painting rocks and hunting for pops of color every Easter.

Use as Home Decor

Painted rocks are lovely ornaments perfect for your house — primarily if you aim for a nature-themed home. More importantly, using painted rocks as home decor is a practical idea; you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create an aesthetically pleasing interior design. 

Rocks are a great addition to texture and personality inside a room, and you can use paint colors that complement your interior color scheme. More importantly, rock painting is fun bonding with your loved ones at home.

Art Therapy

The activity is a breather for many people — a budget-friendly therapy to unwind and clear your thoughts. If the Kindness Rocks Project works on other people, it can also help you. Design rocks with self-affirmation quotes — things you wanted to read or hear from others. 

Rock painting is an art therapy that lets you escape for a while. Using colors that can calm you down or lift your mood makes the activity more effective. Display the artwork in your room — a reminder that you are doing well and a blessing to others. 

Lastly, engaging in arts and crafts such as rock painting takes us back to our childhood — when everything was more uncomplicated and full of fun. Being a kid once in a while can help keep us grounded. It’s okay to stop, breathe, and enjoy like a kid — it relieves stress and gives you a moment to heal.

circle of rocks outside with words

What Kind of Paint Should you Use To Paint Rocks?

The type of paint you will use is essential — because it will determine the longevity of the design or if the paint will dry on the rock. You should know what works on rocks to do the activity correctly. The best paint to use for stones is acrylic paint.

Acrylic paint is water and weather-resistant — making the paint the best option for rock art. More importantly, when you aim to paint rocks from your outdoor garden — add lovely splashes of color in your area. Furthermore, acrylic paint is not as toxic as oil-based paints. 

You can quickly find acrylic paint at your local craft store. Prices vary according to brand and size, and these brands often offer a set of acrylic paint in different colors. 

You can refer to this list of acrylic paint for recommendations:

  1. Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Acrylic Paint Set of 12 Colors 
  2. Blick Studio Acrylic Paints and Sets
  3. Winsor & Newton Galeria Flow Acrylics Set of 10 Colors
  4. Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Introductory Set
  5. Arteza Acrylic Paint Set of 60 Colors
  6. Lascaux Aquacryl Artist’s Watercolors
  7. Castle Art Supplies Acrylic Paint Set 
  8. Royal Talens Amsterdam Expert Acrylic Paint
rocks painted with peace sign

Why Shouldn’t you Just Take Rocks From Anywhere?

You can’t just pick up rocks around you — it may seem like a still object, but it’s more than what meets the eye. You can’t just choose the first rock you see. It’s essential to be aware of the following:

Rock Picking is Prohibited

You must be informed about local laws and regulations as a community citizen. In the United States, there is a law concerning the illegal collection of rocks from private parks — any activity involving rock picking is not allowed in National Parks. The law rocks, minerals, and fossils. Offenders may face criminal penalties — if not permitted by the person with legal rights to those rocks. 

Natural Habitat

There’s a possibility that you might disturb an insect that lives on the rock. One of the primary purposes of a rock in the environment is to serve as a habitat. Humans should always respect how insects and other species live. It balances the environment — most importantly, you don’t have to deal with surprises if you randomly pick up a rock with many insects inhabiting it. 

Avoid violating the laws of nature and the state; there are places where you can acquire rocks for your craft.  

rocks with words give your love to others

Where Can you Buy Stones and Pebbles To Paint?

Local Hardware Store

Rocks, tools, and other home improvement essentials are available in these stores. You can buy rocks in different shapes and sizes — however, there’s a limit to stocks according to the season.

Landscaping Store

You can gain a bucket of rocks and pebbles from landscaping stores. The staff will allow you to choose whatever rock you prefer — but you have to pick rocks independently. 

Craft Stores

Rock painting is now an everyday art activity; craft stores had to include rocks in the inventory — to appeal to the rock painting community. Supply is available every season of the year.

Free in your Local Park

Take a walk at the nearest public park from your place. You can freely gather rocks and pebbles — you might as well carry a bucket with you. Finding rocks at a local park won’t make you spend even a cent.

There are physical and online stores that will make rock painting easier. Purchase rocks legally — create art projects with fewer worries. Don’t be wary of where to buy beautiful stones. You can check out the stores listed below:


Receive your rocks at your very own doorsteps — order your rock supply online. Amazon has a wide range of stones that you can type in bulk. The price ranges from $14 and above — with an additional cost for the shipping fee.

20 pcs. 2-3 inch Natural Rocks


Rocks available in Wickes are under the decorative stones and gravel category. The stones are for garden landscaping, flower beds, or aquariums — however, those are also good for rock painting. The delivery fee varies according to the weight of your bulk order.

Wickes White Pebbles


Known as the cornucopia of arts and crafts supplies, no doubt — Etsy sells rocks and pebbles for painting as well. Etsy also accommodates stores selling rocks, such as flat beach stones and sea pebbles.

Set of Smooth Pink Rocks

Home Depot

The home improvement store offers rocks for garden landscaping — including river rocks and Caribbean beach pebbles. You can visit the nearest Home Depot around you or quickly purchase a bulk online — store pickup is also available.

Caribbean Beach Pebbles

Where Can you Find River Rocks to Paint?

You are in luck if your area has a nearby river. However, gathering river rocks might be tricky — you might get in trouble for entering private property. It’s a good idea to have options; these places are the best options for finding river rocks to paint.

  1. Lowes Garden Centers
  2. Walmart
  3. Amazon
  4. Etsy
  5. Dollar Store

How Should you Prepare My Rocks For Painting?

You need to follow a process before you can paint on rocks. Here is a friendly guide for beginners:

  1. Remove dirt from the stones with the use of soap and water. 
  2. After washing, ensure that the rock is fully dry.
  3. Use sandpaper to smoothen the rock surface further.
  4. Lastly, apply a base coat using a primer.

What Kind of Rocks are Best For Painting?

For first-time rock painters, the most recommended type of rock to use for painting is smooth flat rocks. Its smooth surface makes it easy to apply paint and achieve the design you have in mind. You can usually find smooth flat stones underwater — the smooth surface results from being weather-beaten underwater for a long time.

Choose a kind of rock from this list to start your art project:

  1. Flat Slate Rocks
  2. Mexican Beach Pebbles
  3. Large Caribbean Beach Pebble
rocks painted with bright colors and the words love

What Do you Need to Start Painting Rocks?

You must have the following art supplies to start painting rocks:

Acrylic Paint

Paint Brush

  • Round Brush
  • Flat Brush
  • Bright Brush
  • Fan Brush
  • Filbert
  • Angled Brush
  • Detail Brush

Paintbrush sets are available at craft stores.

Pens and Markers

Black Pens for Outlines

Primer for Base Coat

Epoxy Resin to Seal Painted Rocks

Other tools you might need

  1. Sandpaper
  2. Dotting Tools
  3. Aerosol Spray Sealer

The material must be suitable for the outdoors for paints and markers, especially if you use painted rocks as garden decorations. That is why acrylic paint is commendable because of its weather-resistant quality. Ensure that you’ll use the best rock painting supplies — refer to the brands mentioned above.

This blog post about ideal gifts for creatives can also grab art supply ideas.

What can you Do with Painted Rocks?

Rock painting projects have various purposes — and it could be one of the following listed below:

Home Interior Display

Showcase your collection of painted rocks. Use it as the room’s focal point — exhibit the decorative rocks on shelves or a display cabinet. You can also place the stones in different areas at home for a more consistent interior concept.

Social Media Content

Share heartwarming posts on social media with the use of painted rocks. Take photos of your craft, then upload the rock project online. You can create a Facebook page, Instagram account, or Pinterest board to reach your target audience. Spread inspirational messages to lighten up someone’s day. You can also join various Facebook groups to discuss each other’s rock projects.

Rock Garden

Painted rocks are the best option to add colors to your garden, especially in winter. The snowy white surroundings need a splash of colors to make the garden look alive. Also, colorful rocks are great for flower beds.

Small Business

Sell decorative rocks online — many people are collecting unique artworks, and you can choose them as your target audience. Create a store on online marketplaces. You can also create your store website — including blog posts to help rock painting beginners. You can also sell rock painting kits, smooth rocks, and rock painting supplies. 

Start selling your painted rock projects on Etsy. Here’s how you can open your shop — list down factors you need to consider as a new Etsy seller

Do you Need to Seal Painted Rocks?

Yes, sealing painted rocks is a must after polishing your design. It gives extra protection from outside forces that might damage the rock painting — such as sunlight and frequent change in seasons. For beginners, you can use an aerosol spray sealer. 

  1. Krylon K01309 Gallery Series Artist UV Resistant Matte Spray Paint
  2. Mod Podge Spray Acrylic Sealer
  3. Spray Max 2K High Gloss Finish Clear Coat Spray Paint

There are also self-sealing acrylic paints that you can use. Check the packaging and see if the label includes “self-sealing” and “outdoor safe.”

words love written on a painted rock with bright colors

What Messages Should you Put on Painted Rocks?

Rock painting is one of the creative ways to share short but inspirational messages. It can be one word, phrase, famous people’s quotes, Bible verses, or a simple encouraging statement. It is an act of kindness that helps remind people that what they think as small details can hugely affect their lives. 

Encourage other people with these words and statements:

  1. Hope
  2. Choose to be happy
  3. If only you knew how amazing you are
  4. Small progress is still progress.
  5. Love
  6. Faith
  7. After the storm comes a rainbow
  8. Take the next step
  9. Do small things with great love
  10. Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud
  11. Hang in there
  12. Be kind
  13. You were born to stand out
  14. You are so loved
  15. You are enough
  16. Focus on the good
  17. You can move mountains
  18. Your story isn’t over
  19. Only in the darkness can you see the stars
  20. It’s okay not to be okay

These are examples of the messages you can use for your rock painting project. You can even use messages you can relate to and share them with people in the same situation.

Books For Rock Painting

There are available books to read and learn more about rock painting. These books are written by amazing authors — who shared their love for the activity and gave a friendly guide to aspiring rock painters.

You might want to check out these books if rock painting caught your interest:

Rock Painting For Beginners: Simple Step-by-Step Techniques by Adrianne Surian

The Little Book of Rock Painting by F. Sehnaz Bac

Rock Art Handbook

Rock Painting For Kids by Lin Wellford

Rock Painting and Stone Art – Projects and Techniques For Beginners and Beyond

Rock Painting Kits Online

Use rock painting kits as an introduction to creating rock painting projects — you can even use the kits as learning materials for kids. The internet has a huge collection of painting kits from various online stores. Begin your rock painting journey with these rock painting kits:

  1. Creativity for Kids Hide and Seek Rock Painting Kit
  2. J Mark Rock Painting Kit
  3. 12 Rock Painting Creativity Arts Crafts DIY Supplies Kit with 18 Paints (Glow in The Dark & Metallic & Standard Paints)
  4. Mud Puddle Rock Painting Kit
  5. Mandala Tools Rock Painting Kit

Kindness can be shown in various forms — it can even be in the form of rock. It’s a creative way of reminding others how special they are and how they serve as a rock for people around them. Who would’ve thought that a hard solid natural element could uplift a person’s mood and soften their heart?

You can do tons of creative fun activities with your loved ones. It’s not always late to try out unique art projects — learning challenges the brain and relaxes it simultaneously. In this complicated world, people need an activity that brings them back to being a kid — and indeed, rock painting is a perfect choice.

painting rocks and stone outside using paint where to find rocks

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Final thoughts on Best Places to Find Rocks to Paint

Don’t take rocks from the wild unless you can legally do so. Many stores find the best rocks and stones to pain online. Keep a few old bits of art things together for Rock Painting – you don’t need to buy anything expensive to achieve good results. Most of all, have fun.

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