How to create a newsletter template

It’s not easy emailing your list each week, many of us put this action off for weeks or even months. It can feel frustrating and often we feel shy in sharing our thoughts and ideas with others. This leads to procrastination and the longer you leave it, the harder it is to get started again.

The solution to this is to create and use an email template. Removing the barriers which might prevent us from taking action makes the process smoother and well, less hassle.

How to Create a newsletter template

Do you have an email list, but aren’t sure how to use it? We are bombarded with statements about the money is in the list etc. But if you fail to email your list regularly, it doesn’t really serve that much help to your business.

Why did I move from Convertkit to Flodesk?

I joined Flodesk after paying for convertkit for over a year and still hadn’t made any money from my email list. I had over 1000 subscribers and couldn’t afford the cost of maintaining such a large list.

Enter Flodesk

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What makes the Flodesk platform so great?

  • email my list frequently
  • spent less time pondering what to send each week
  • Quickly grasp the templates and use them effectively 
  • A low learning curve, they still have the bells and whistles, but without the clutter 
  • I enjoy using the platform, it’s intuitive and easy to navigate
  • They are working to develop their platform based on my needs
  • I wanted my emails to look more professional
  • The transfer process from Convertkit to Flodesk was quick and straightforward
  • The monthly fee for Flodesk is fixed, and I no longer have to trim my list regularly to reduce costs – I’m using the 50% off coupon code

Find out how to Transfer your email list to Flodesk

Wondering how to Start an Email List for your Etsy shop?

Find out if not having an Email list was one of my Etsy mistakes.

Ok – let’s get started on creating a newsletter template for your email list.

I’m using Flodesk to show you how –

Is there an email template builder in Flodesk?

Yes, – you can build all of your Newsletters in Flodesk and save them, simply make a copy and use this as your newsletter template. Build your newsletter from scratch or just create a copy of a template you have made yourself and go from there. 

Flodesk makes this incredibly easy to do with its simple and modern Newsletter templates.

Newsletter template free examples in Flodesk

What should my email newsletter template include?

Each newsletter you send should include the following elements

  • A subject line
  • A header
  • A purpose
  • A CTA
  • Signature
  • Social media links
  • A way to opt-out
  • An address

Other things which make your newsletter look professional

  • White space
  • Making it humorous
  • Branding
  • Images
  • Style

How to create an email newsletter – what needs to be included

A subject line

The subject line of your newsletter can make or break your open rates. This is a skill that you learn through trial and error. Each email list responds to different styles of subject lines. My email open rates vary – but as a rule of thumb, be short and snappy.

examples of quick email subject lines

Oh no I forgot something important

The secret to ….

Be the first to receive this offer

One way to change ….

The best and most effective subject lines are simple but have an interesting tone. Don’t give too much information and make it worth their while. 

Note: Your subject line may not be misleading or contain false information. – you can’t say, I’m saving millions if you are not.

A header for your newsletter 

This should be either your logo or an image that shows the subject of your business. Anyone who opens your email should know precisely where it is coming from as you don’t want them to put you in spam or be shocked. 

Use the same image or the same logo.

How do you manage two different lists in Flodesk from different signups?

I use two separate images in Flodesk as I have subscribers who come from this website and those who join from my Digital print shop.

Sometimes I include both images if I am emailing everyone on my email list.

This way, both parties know it’s from me.

How to make a header image for your email newsletter?

You can make a header image for your email newsletter in Canva. Upload your logo or image and save it. Use the search button in Canva to find email header image templates.

Canva image the email header showing suitable for newsletter template

Flodesk has an area for branding in its platform – so you can upload it once, and it appears automatically on each email unless you change it during the writing process. 

Still, wondering if Flodesk is the right Email Service provider for you?

ok – what’s next?

Your newsletter needs to have a purpose

Your newsletter needs to have a goal, and a reason for being sent. Decide what is the purpose of sending the email.

Is it because you want them to click a link, deliver a freebie, draw attention to a sale, or to go to your website. 

When writing your email – try to aim for 80% helpful and 20% selling. That way, you can keep your reader engaged and make a connection. Think about what’s in it for them. What benefit will they gain by reading your newsletter?

The body of your newsletter is what they want to read. You need to help your audience and solve a problem if possible. Keep in mind what you want them to do after reading your email. 

If you would like them to read a blog post – tell them what benefits this blog post is to them, what they will learn when they read it and what problem it solves for them. 

Still unsure?

Let’s say you have a new line of dog collars in your Etsy shop. You want the reader to go to your shop and check them out. Tell them in the email why you made these collars and what gave you the idea. Maybe your dog got lost in the dark one night – so you can tell them that brief story and then go on to say that your new ones solve this problem as they are bright and have a place for the name tag. 

Your email newsletter should contain a call to action.

A call to action is precisely what you want your reader to do when they open your newsletter. As we have mentioned, this could be several things. But keep this action front and center in your readers’ minds.

In the Flodesk templates, there is a very clear call to action in all of their templates. Here are a few examples. 

If you want them to read your latest blog post – this template puts your latest offering front and center. It is deliberately honest in what the sender wants to achieve.

newsletter multipart email in flodesk

Read the latest blog post – or introduce new ones.

newsletter design with flodesk

If you are holding a sale – giving them clear, concise instructions that this is what you want them to do helps them understand why they are in their inbox today. 

Sale newsletter template

Do you want to share some exciting news or just give a general update on what you have been up to lately. 

Flodesk is kindly given me a code to offer my readers 50% off their Beta pricing. You can get a free trial of 30days with no payment required. Easy! Join up today and don’t miss this opportunity to save.

But how do I encourage the reader to click my link?

Flodesk has buttons that you can customize and suit your branding right within the templates. These buttons include a link to where you would like the reader to go after reading your newsletter.

Example newsletter buttons in Flodesk

Email design best practices to ensure you look professional every time.

Consistent branding

To do this, you use the same 

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Call to action buttons
  • Images 
  • Structure of the newsletter
  • Style of writing
  • Length 
  • Urgency
  • Be similar or identical to your shop or website.

    You can find the easiest way to start a website for your Etsy shop here

  • Perhaps your best optin on your website is a PDF with pink fun donuts. Try to recreate that in your newsletters, after all, they liked your style.

Often it is something as simple as the layout of your newsletter, which defines your brand. Will you include a background in your newsletter each week or icons?

If you send newsletters that are snappy or surprising, stick to this theme, and your readers will recognize this is your style. They will enjoy the repetition.

What style of newsletter do you feel most drawn to?

  • simple
  • modern
  • clean
  • beautiful
  • floral
  • fresh
  • feminine
  • serious
  • expensive

Many newsletters have minimal branding – they just write helpful things to their readers. These can also be an effective way to communicate and engage with your reader.

I enjoy many newsletters that only contain text and links. These usually come from someone I consider a mentor, a person I wish to learn from. They consistently give away lots of information for free. 

This is one of the many reasons I love and use Flodesk. You can make each newsletter as visual as you wish.

One of my goals is to have a monthly newsletter that is visual and only brings them back to the website. Another newsletter will give them helpful tips and ideas. 

Not sure what I mean?

Week 1 newsletter – Less graphic and more helpful tips and ideas they can implement to improve their business 

Week 2 newsletter – a freebie which they can quickly open, download and which also brings them to the website

Week 3 newsletter – a Sales email in which I promote affiliates and those things which I know make money

Week 4 newsletter – a simple template to give them a quick rundown of what I’ve been doing and tease them for the next week 

If you would like more help with branding in your business, I can recommend this book on Branding. It really helps break down the personality of your brand and shows you ways to incorporate it into your products and offerings.

Should I use images in my email newsletters?

The photos in your newsletter are also part of your brand. Think about seasonal content, and trending items. You want to include images that allude to the season or perhaps the celebration of that month, such as Thanksgiving or fall. 

A great way to achieve this is to join a stock photo site that creates images for all seasons but also sticks to an individual feel and style.

Image of Oh Tilly styled stock photos

Sometimes images can draw the eye straight to that call to action. A fantastic hand-drawn arrow directly to your link button or a hand-written note on your email. 

Email signature for your newsletter

In Flodesk, the signatures are done for you. Choose from several stylish fonts. Email signatures are brilliant for creating a connection, and the reader feels you are writing to them. 

Oh tilly styled stock photos.

Include your social media links in your email newsletter

social media icons for template newsletter

In Flodesk, your social media icons are automatically added to the bottom of all of your emails. You can brand them any way you wish and change the style of the icon too. 

You probably want to emphasize your social media links in your Welcome series. This is when your subscriber is most engaged with you and are more likely to want more. Of course, they don’t want to miss anything.

Ready to sign up for a Free Trial of Flodesk

How to include your Instagram Feed in an email newsletter?

Yes – that’s right, Flodesk pulls your Instagram feed right into the email. This task alone would take an hour on other platforms. I’ve tried it.

instagram for newsletter

What do I need to make my newsletter template legal?

Ensure you comply with the CAN-SPAM act. 

  • A physical postal address

Your email template requires an address at the bottom. This is done automatically in Flodesk. I use my own physical address, as I live in Hong Kong, and it’s unlikely anyone I email is going to come knocking at 1 am on Saturday. Many bloggers use a PO box for this purpose. 

  • An option to opt out of future emails. 

There must be a link for the recipient to opt out, and that should be completed ‘in a timely manner. So the Flodesk opt-out is at the bottom automatically as well. Easy. 

  • A subject line that reflects the content of your newsletter.

You may not, for example, start your subject line with Open up for a free Iphone11. Unless, of course, you are giving away free iPhones.

It must be related to the content inside the email. 

What else should I include in my email newsletter template to make them look professional?

Include white space

Your newsletter is a great way to get your message across, but often it’s the white space that lets your reader breathe and notice the key points. Don’t overcrowd your newsletter. It can be visual and instructive without being overwhelming.

Making it funny

Mailboxes are full to the brim with newsletters, and if you can make yours joking, friendly, and helpful – yours will stand out from the rest. 

The jackpot of email newsletters is when your target audience looks forward to your next installment. 

Use bold fonts when appropriate

Give your newsletter a serious edge. A big call to action, and a way to instantly tell you, readers, the tone of your email. 

Use lists in your emails 

A list is a great way to give quick information to the reader without overwhelming. Perhaps you have written a list post recently – here you can give them a quick view of the first 4 items and tell them you like 6 the best. This can encourage them to click on your website and read your post. 

Add sections to your email newsletter 

My newsletter often contains parts – that can be instructional and interesting. 

An example of a sectioned email newsletter may be 

  • Personal news
  • Happenings in the business
  • What you are working on
  • An excellent tip for the week
  • Images you have taken
  • An infographic of the week
  • A plan for your week
  • Updates to products
  • Promotional offer
  • this weeks freebie
  • Your latest blog post
  • What you have learned this week
  • What you are reading
  • What you have made
  • Say thank you
  • Your income reports

Many of these added together in a newsletter template can make the process of writing much more comfortable as it gives a framework to work to. But obviously, you don’t wish to overwhelm your reader, so don’t include 10 sections if you really only have the time or inclination to write 4.

what about the length of text?

How long should an email newsletter be?

Don’t be afraid of making long and short newsletters. Ever heard of the one-line newsletter? 

No – 

Well, you can – some people only send one-line newsletters, and they can be useful when used in the right way. For example, in a sales sequence, or building tension and surprise for your next offering. A course you are making – 

Your audience will dictate how long your newsletters should be.

Did they really engage with that lengthy blog post on the best ways to keep your pet safe at night, or what to take with you on a late-night dog walk? Do your readers love snappy short posts that solve one problem, not 10.

Knowing what problem you are solving and how that is relatable to them is the biggest hurdle to knowing what to write to your email list. 

Email newsletters should be responsive to mobile as well as desktop

Flodesk makes this easy by showing you how each one will look on mobile and desktop right in the editing window. Each one is a responsive email template for you to make your own.

They also have a handy stats tool that gives information on your audience, if they prefer mobile or desktop. Convenient right?

mobile responsive newsletter template

What should you do right before sending your email newsletter 

  • Test. 
  • And Test it again. 
  • Check the links are all working. 
  • Your images have alt text -When you upload an image to your newsletter give the image a name. 
  • Check for correct spelling

Email Newsletter Templates are an easy way to keep your subscribers warm, engaged, and manage their expectations of your business and brand. 

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email newsletter design with flodesk.

If you have yet to start your email list for your Etsy shop or business – you can find all the help you need to begin your email list.

If you would like to get started with Flodesk and find out why I switched to Flodesk. 

Right now, they are 50% and have included a free no payment 30-day trial.

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  1. Hello Trina,

    I accidentally bumped in to your site. Your articles are very helpful for someone like me who has absolutely no knowledge of starting an email list, which I intend doing to create online cake decorating classes. Thank you.

    1. Thank you
      I’m glad you enjoyed it. You can create a landing page where you collect email addresses of customers even before you start creating your course.
      Also don’t forget to verify your product before you start creating. Ask them what they want to learn first.
      Good luck

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