9 Ways EtsyHunt can Help your Etsy Shop

I’m about to show you the biggest secret source to put you ahead of your Etsy competitors and how to use it in this review of EtsyHunt. We will cover what EtsyHunt is and how it can put you miles ahead of the competition on Etsy.

Let’s get started if you are ready to research and analyze your competition and optimize your Etsy listings.

Etsy is such a vast online marketplace it’s easy to feel discouraged when your shop doesn’t sell much. Sometimes it can feel as though the Gods are against us in our quest to build our online empire.

I know how it feels when you log on only to find 1-2 sales per week, instantly check your completion, and see they have sold 10 times this daily. 

But – Before you stomp into the kitchen, slam on the kettle and decide Etsy is useless for selling anyway. 


Don’t delete your Etsy account just yet. 

Analysis and SEO tools help you dig into why your shop is doing one thing, and theirs is doing something else. It could just be they are a better shop owner, produce more stuff people want to buy, and sell their value proposition more meaningfully to the buyer. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stand up and say hi too.

The best way to combat this feeling is to get back on board with your shop, add new products, and spend time improving your sales by working inside your store. 

Ok – great, but I’ve added new products, and they still don’t sell – I hear you. 

Read on.. this is for you. 

Put simply, they are selling products people want to buy, and once you have a way of finding these products and tweaking yours, you, too, can compete with the top sellers every day going forward. 

Here is your roadmap. 

Looking for just the link to join?

The basic plan has it all for most users, and right now, it’s only 3.99 per month. You can use the code OHSHECREATES for 10% off your first month and 3 days of FREE access to the PRO plan. Join EtsyHunt today!

Download a free version of this post in PDF format. No ads, no fluff. 

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more) Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

To find ways to improve your shop – you need something to gauge it. I say this because it’s easy to think your shop is the best until you see what others are doing and how successful they are at it. 

This is a great way to motivate again and fall in love with your Etsy shop. 

In this post, we will look at a relatively new tool on the market called EtsyHunt. As the name suggests, you can use this online resource to hunt for ideas and answers to your burning questions.

Such as how many they sell, what is selling the best, what tags they are using, and how old their listings are. All these things give you a map of attack to use and bring your shop back up where you can be proud and grateful for each sale. 

Let’s begin by looking at what exactly it EtsyHunt is.

Etsyhunt is an online resource that gives you a window into other Etsy sellers, providing all-round product research tools, ranking factors, keyword analysis, and tag grabbing. Suitable for new and experienced Etsy business owners, it’s probably the best place to perform keyword research for your Etsy store. It’s an online search and optimization program that successful etsy sellers can use to improve their Etsy search. 

It almost certainly could be better described as more as shooting fish in a bucket. 

Whether you sell unique products, digital downloads, or handmade products, Etsyhunt is an excellent resource to improve your Etsy shop ranking. 

There are many ways Etsy shop owners, or any eCommerce store, can benefit from EtsyHunt. Even if you are on the fence about what to sell on Etsy or already have an idea, ensuring you are not about to waste 4 months of work on creating something that no one will buy is crucial to success. 

Top competitors would include ERank, Marmalead, and Sale Samurai.

(I’ve used and loved all of them at some point, but as I want to start a new shop, – I’ve found EtsyHunt to have more helpful information, at least I can use to my advantage even before I’ve created my first listing.)

Skip the slog and go straight for the top-selling products. 

A bit of background for EtsyHunt 

Etsy Hunt is relatively new to the market, starting in July 2021. Quickly adding several helpful tools, including Visual Analysis, Etsy fees calculator, Chart features, and top selling items by category.

As a current shop owner, you must manage and format your Etsy reviews, so Etsyhunt has a tool to help you monitor and chase reviews for your shop. 

But what I love the most about Etsy Hunt is that you can do some competitor research, and once you are up and running – complete the suggested actions for your Etsy listing optimization. This will tell you where your product is lacking compared to the higher competition.  

If you are a lazy shop owner, this is probably the only tool you need to brush up on your listings and get them back into the view of potential buyers today.

The following review contains affiliate links and features that are only available on the PRO plan, but don’t worry – here, is how much Etsyhunt costs. 

How much does Etsyhunt cost?

Surprisingly not that much. 

There is a FREE version that allows you to do a few searches each day.

Basic and PRO versions give you much more, such as unlimited searches and lets you Optimize your Etsy shop and search on Amazon handmade.

The basic plan has it all for most users, and right now, it’s only 3.99 per month. You can use the code OHSHECREATES for 10% off your first month and 3 days of FREE access to the PRO plan. Join EtsyHunt today!

I use the PRO plan as I have a few shops on Etsy, and I want to get to the idea of starting a new shop. 

pricing plans on etsyhunt

Ways to use EtsyHunt to help your etsy shop?

The first thing I did once I logged in to Etsyhunt was add my shop to the profile and connect to Etsy. Clicking on your shop name – you can see the total sales, Reviews, and Favorites.

Here is one of my shops. 

shop data preview on etsyhunt

1. Using the Etsy product database 

ways to use etsyhunt for a smarter way to sell

You can find this under Products in the primary tabs. 

This area has 2 main opportunities and ways to use it.

  • Simply filter by category to start a broader search of all the shops in your category.

Let’s look at an example of a typical reader here. 

Sarah is 34yrs old and has a good knowledge of Canva.com and some knowledge of art. As a full-time school teacher, she understands that success in school for older students is through organization and has created planners in the past to help her students. But what if Sarah was thinking of selling this planner on Etsy? Sarah knows her planner could solve a problem and wants to help students.

This is an ideal time to jump onto Etsy Hunt. 

Not only can Sarah research shops that are already successfully selling Student Planners, but their sales, tags, and best sellers. 

Now – this is not an advertisement to copy anyone on Etsy, but if someone is going to produce a success map of what you need to do to compete, I’ll take a bit of that. 

The Etsy product database on Etsy hunt allows you to search for the top-selling product listings using specific long-tail keywords, tags, or shop URLs.

The database has over 48 million products and 120k shops on Etsy at the time of writing.

There are several ways to filter the products on Etsyhunt. 

Put simply; you can isolate which shops sell the most of this product using the filters to explore more products within EtsyHunt. 

Basic filtering: category, price, 7-day sales, and total sales. 

Advanced filtering includes location, favorites, reviews, and product type. Such as handmade, digital products, customizable, etc. 

But it doesn’t stop there. 

If you only want to see those products with Raving, Etsy pick, or bestseller, that’s no problem.

You can now see the 7-day sales, total sales, reviews, and favorites from the results. 

(I’ve grayed out the names as I don’t want you to search for these shops as you will adjust the bounce rate in the shop and tell Etsy that visits are not converting) 

Just to be fair. 

graph of sales for a shop with statistics

You can also export this to a CSV file and filter by 30 days, – 1yr, and all time. 

Our friend Sarah can now see which products are on Etsy and, more importantly, are selling. She needs to study and view those products to give her a good idea of what she needs to do to compete with them. Perhaps a particular style is essential to buyers, and Sarah can see which products have a reasonable proposition. Sarah can also search for products using her keyword (student planner) and filter out via sales, price point, where the product ships from together with bestseller tag, Etsy pick, and raving. In real terms – this will allow Sarah to find, using the filters, any products which fit into the following.

student planner

calendar planners

within the price point of 10-30$ 

As well as pulling in anyone who is an Etsy pick. She can then click on more details about the product, see how many they are selling through which period, and even copy those tags and add them to favorites to monitor later. 

bestseller tags on etsyhunt

Now it’s time to make notes on these shops you want to look further into.

2. Using etsyHunt for product research

Unbelievably (well, for me anyway), this will show Sarah the best seller from this shop – how old the listing is and the price point.


I know; for me, this is a game changer – any seller on Etsy would want to analyze their competition using this tool.

It gives you a back door into their shop, what they sell the most, and how much.

I love this.

product performance data

(goes away and does 3hrs of rabbit hole research and finds 15 more products to make, with the added bonus of knowing which ones will sell well into the bargain)

The basic plan has it all for most users, and right now, it’s only 3.99 per month. You can use the code OHSHECREATES for 10% off your first month and 3 days of FREE access to the PRO plan. Join EtsyHunt today!

But right now, you can access this information for only 3.99 per month. Hurry, this deal may not last long. 

Still, reading?

I know – this Etsyhunt has so much more to offer, and it’s still in its infancy. – The tool’s value is more than 3.99 per month. 

Let’s continue on our journey.

3. Search for keywords on Etsyhunt

Etsyhunt provides an overview of the keyword you search for, and it will also suggest similar keywords around your primary keyword. Once your products are listed, this is an excellent way to backfill new and similar keywords within your listing. Critical if you are selling several similar products.

Let’s go back to our lady Sarah who wants to start selling student planners. Looking for the search term Student planner – we can see what would be good tags. Sorting these results into low completion keywords is better for Sarah. 


This might seem the wrong thing to do – since the search volume is lower, but remember, Sarah will need to target specific keywords with low search volume, helping her appear on page number 1 in the search. 

similar keywords on etsyhunt

A new seller will not compete with the popular keywords; it’s best to use tags and keywords with much lower competition. These are the exact keywords Sarah can use across her whole shop.

tag cloud on etsyhunt

We can see from the screenshot that the majority of the google traffic comes around July/August since these are the times students will be buying their planners. 

*This should be noted in a diary for next year to start a big sales drive in June.

google search trends from etsyhunt graph

Ok – so now we have several keyword ideas for Sarah, to begin with. Sarah can add these to favorites, copy and even export them to a CSV file for sorting later.

Simply click on the keyword box to highlight it to save only those keywords to your favorites.

You can also skip to Top Trends right now, Best selling, Popular right now.

4. Find a product to sell inside EtsyHunt?

Using the shop database 

Here we can find shops based on location, category, star seller, and raving.

category dropdown function

We want to set the time frame to 1yr as we target new shops. You can see the 7-day sales for each shop in the category.

What you are looking for are new shops that have seen a spike in favorites and sales – Click on the link for that shop to see which products are doing well with reviews and 7-day sales.

This is not as complicated as it sounds. All you are looking for are shop products with a spike in sales/favorites.

Put simply; buyers start favoring items before making a purchase. Then after the purchase, they leave a review.

Some helpful tips inside etsy hunt for you to follow if you are unsure how to quantify all the information.

Having done this research, I can tell that an exploding planner for Sarah would be an ADHD planner for students.

I know this is a lot to take in, and we haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet.

Don’t worry – I’m getting there. 

If this is far too much information to take in right now – download a free copy of this post in PDF format to read later in bed. 

5. Optimize your listings in EtsyHunt?

Inside the listing optimization, it gives you several tips on how to improve your SEO. (Search Engine Optimization) Helpfully it shows the conversion rate for each listing. 

listing optimization etsyhunt

We love conversion rates – we can see which listings are doing well compared to traffic. 

High conversion means your only job is to send more traffic to that listing. 

The first step is to sort products in order of conversion (this is where someone views the product and then goes on purchase). I can instantly see which products are doing well and will never sell, no matter how much traffic I send them. 

This could be that your images are not good enough, your price is wrong – or simply what you are selling is not what your customers are searching for.

Is it time to drop those nonsellers and produce more of what sells?

With a conversion of 5% – this is the product you want to now send traffic to. 

conversion rates on etsyhunt

I.e., if you plan to use Etsy ads, send them directly to these products as you are more likely to get a sale from them. You can use this information to increase your marketing efforts to these Etsy listings. 

Each product will now show several tips to improve. 

What’s not to like about that.?

descriptive ideas to improve listings on etsyhunt

Interestingly I can change anything I want from these right the user interface and press save. No need to log in and out of each listing to make the changes. 

Note – right now; you can only update 100 listings per day with this method. But that’s fine since you are very unlikely to need more. 

Rember all of those tags and keywords you found earlier? – well, now is the time to use them. 

6. Use the follow-up reminder review feature in Etsy Hunt. 

Reviews are a good thing on Etsy. A high number of reviews shows Etsy that your products are selling well and that customers like them. Find out more about Etsy reviews here.

But of course, you knew that already. 

Etsy hunt will pull in all your sales for the last 3 months and prompt you to send each customer a reminder to pop back onto Etsy and post a review.

(Etsy will send more traffic to those shops which receive regular reviews and show it to more buyers- after all when you make a sale, they make money.)

You can send emails to your customers reminding them to leave a review right within Etsy Hunt. Active sellers on Etsy know the importance of receiving regular reviews from new customers and repeat customers, and it is an excellent place to start for new sellers. 

This option inside Etsyhunt is perfect for ensuring you send out reminders promptly and monitor your shop’s reviews. 

listings with requested reviews on etsyhunt

What else does Etsyhunt do?

7. Find the best tags for your shop

Adding the Etsy tags tool under Tool Kit will let you find, monitor, copy, and update your own tags with just a few clicks – right inside the dashboard. 

Once you are logged into Etsyhunt and Etsy, view the shop you wish to see; you will see the Tag Extractor on the side. 

You can see all of the tags this shop uses and the frequency by clicking this. 

Here is a view of one of my shops

etsyhunt tag extractor on etsy image link

Want to know which tags a shop is using and how often?

No problem – there an option for that too. When you are logged in to Etsy, simply select the tag extractor to view and save.

image of tags on etsy for review

8. Add the chrome extension inside your browser.

This allows you to view any product on Etsy and gives you an instant birds’ eye view.

You can also use it to quickly view more shops on Etsy.

Etsy hunt also provides a few tools to help you as a shop seller. 

There is also a quick view extension – now, I love this. I have already spent hours trawling through the Etsy shops, and I love to learn more about them. 

Good job. I’m so nosey – 🙂

Each listing will show you all the information you need about the product. 

Alternatively, you can view the information about the whole shop right inside Etsy. As well as adding them to favorites to come back to later. 

Discover their monthly revenue, categories, prices, shipping, and reviews. 

etsyhunt shop analysis statistics
etsyhunt listing analytics

9. Calculate your profit on EtsyHunt

Yes, EtsyHunt even has a convenient pricing calculator. Great for when you want to see exactly how much you should sell each listing for.

etsy fees, profits and pricing calculator on etsyhunt

Final thoughts on Etsyhunt – Knowing that you have complete Etsy SEO tools to help you rank higher and faster on Etsy. Find the best-selling items, popular searches, and tags to optimize your Etsy listing for sales within one platform. 

The basic plan has it all for most users, and right now, it’s only 3.99 per month. You can use the code OHSHECREATES for 10% off your first month and 3 days of FREE access to the PRO plan. Join EtsyHunt today!

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ways to use etsyhunt for your etsy shop graphic

Bye for now

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