Christmas planner printable – super easy to use

If you are hoping for a stress-free holiday season, start planning. Get organized with our Free Printable Christmas planner.

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Planning holiday errands and activities is a lot of work. Our FREE Christmas planner is a great way to help you organize the holiday season. With 17 printable planner pages to help you manage your Christmas gifts, grocery lists, meal planning, and holiday events.

Our holiday planner is free to plan those Christmas meals and ensure you have a good time this festive season.

Isn’t that perfect? 

Especially if you are looking for a planner to help you on the big day.

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Christmas Planner Printable – Easy to download and use at home

This digital download product helps you record all the Christmas plans — from meals to how you’ll budget your money for Christmas shopping. Each page in the planner serves a particular purpose — different contents, but each page aims for a faster and easier Christmas plan arrangement.

Use it at any time of year to plan your holiday activities,

December Calendar

Worried you will miss a few days, don’t worry – this page will help you count down to the big day.

Christmas Meal Plan

Plan what meals to serve on Christmas Eve and the big day. Christmas food is the most stressful part of the planning process. Agree on your main dish so you can see if there is an additional cost and add them to your grocery list.

Daily to-do list

The Yuletide season is one of the busiest times of the year. Either people socialize — or finalize annual chores before the new year comes. With how busy people become, they tend to forget some crucial details. A to-do list can give you a hand if you get overwhelmed by many daily chores. Be as detailed as possible — include time, locations, contact numbers, and more information significant to your task.

Christmas Gift List

Making gift lists is essential — you don’t want to forget a friend or family and cause an awkward holiday memory. Take note of the gifts your loved ones will probably like to receive in this Christmas gift planner. You can also include the name of the stores you’ll be buying these gifts.

Online Shopping Tracker

Track the orders you’ve settled online. Record the date it was ordered and the estimated time of arrival. With this in mind, you’ll know when an item will arrive the day before Christmas or later than the 25th of December.

Also, receiving packages when you’ve ordered a lot online can be too overwhelming. This shopping tracker can help you identify items ordered online or purchased in a physical store.

Christmas Event and Activity Planner

It is the season to be jolly! Christmas is filled with events and activities — groups of friends and families make the cold season still heartwarming. Plan these events and activities — ask your family and friends if they are available when you set the event. Inviting them in advance can help you still make adjustments. Your list should be detailed, and no information should be overlooked.

Christmas Cards 

A tracker should be one of your necessities if your Christmas tradition includes sending out holiday cards. It will help you determine to whom you have sent the cards or if someone was missing from the list. You can also record whether or not the recipients have already received the card. Send out warm hugs and holiday greetings through a card before Christmas day. 

Christmas Decorations

Remember to complete decorating your house weeks before the exact Christmas day. Decorate your house, Christmas Tree, and patio — check in the planner if the Christmas decorations are all set. Inspect if the lights are working and record what decorations require replacement.

It is also essential to plan what decorations to use in each part of the house to avoid overdecorating one part while one room has less decor.

Christmas Planner for every list you need during the holiday season. (PDF PLANNER TO PRINT)

*Digital file free right now. Personal use only. Download the pdf file, and use the printable sheets to add to your household ring binder. You can even pass it on to a family member to help you. 🙂


Truly one for the holidays — the Christmas design might make you want to print it out and bind it. It consists of 16-pages in A4, A5, and US Letter size. The Christmas printable planner contains the following pages:

  • Cover page
  • Christmas Decor Planner
  • Daily Christmas To-Do List
  • Four Weeks of Christmas (Weekly Planner)
  • Calendar for December
  • Christmas Menu Meal plan
  • Gift Ideas
  • Christmas Movies to Watch
  • Daily Journal
  • Online Shopping lists
  • Christmas Card List
  • Christmas Wishlist
  • Christmas Shopping List
  • Holiday Event Planner
  • Holiday Routine Tracker
  • Holiday Reflection
  • Expectations For Next Year’s Holiday Season

Christmas planning is the best way to ensure you have a merry Christmas with family and friends. it is the most wonderful time of the year but it often means November and December are taken up with shopping and planning.

Top tip : stay within your Christmas budget since it is a special day, you don’t need to overspend at the last minute. This often happens when you are not organized with lists in advance.

Have an organized Christmas and above all take a little time to enjoy yourself.



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