How I organise my day with a Daily Planner Template


I’ve been using daily to-do lists for as long as I can remember. I use them in conjunction with a digital to-do list to organise my day, but there is something about the printable planner sheet, which feels more like I’m making progress towards my goals. Writing your goals down means you are more likely to achieve them.

Free download daily planner printable

Why you should use a daily planner printable

Jotting down things to do for the day is the most useful way to ensure I’m not forgetting anything and have a good idea of how much time I’m going to need. How busy I will be. It’s a way to organise my day, and this daily planner template is perfect.

Some weeks are impossible to organise hourly. I might be working in my shop for the week or my website. How do we manage so many things to do as busy Mums?

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Here is how to make a daily plan using the free printable planner template below.

This simple daily planner will make your daily organisation a breeze. You can use it in several ways; you might want to plan out your day using the hourly planner or track the progress of your goals or use those time slots to see how much work you are completing.

How to organise my day with printables

Each week – I print several copies to use throughout the week. I then add the dates on them so I can forward plan off my phone calendar how busy I will be that day. Ie. I’ve been using daily to-do lists for as long as I can remember. Jotting down things to get done for Don’t forget the football match.

Daily planner design

It is most crucial fill in your Get it done word for the week. This is your top priority, what you will consistently work towards each week. Often for me, this is my email marketing strategy for this month, but next month it might be Pinterest planning or even lose 2kgs. Whatever is your goal for the week or day write it in getting it done?

Organise your to-do list

Fill in my top priorities for the day. I only write those which will take me further to my target goal for the week. If my priority for this week is Email, I will organise my day by planning my newsletters for the month and beyond and look for new ways to gain subscribers. These will be my top tasks.

pretty daily to-do list printable for free

Schedule your day with hourly time slots

Next is my schedule for the day and the evening, School activities and appointments. I can also use these to block out time in the time management section down the side. If I know I’m planning a hike on Thursday – I plan those in my time management, so I know I won’t overload my schedule that day.

daily pages planner printable

Your daily activities for exercise and water intake. So crucial for self-care. I read this fantastic book about how you begin your mornings is how you will start your life. I do try to exercise every day in the morning, journal my ideas and take time to be quite.

Breaking down your goals into smaller tasks

Included is also a section for the plan of action for the day. Here I will write down only those tasks which take me closer to completing that weekly or monthly goal. Breaking down each step here really is a game-changer, knowing you can move on quickly and tick those off.

simple daily planner printable

Activities for tomorrow

The layout of this planner also has a not today section where I can forward tasks for tomorrow. Those which need to be completed, but are not urgent.

Having a daily schedule with hourly time slots will improve your time management. Don’t forget to get those important, but difficult tasks completed first. That way if life gets in the way, you know you have ticked off those essential tasks already.

You can download for the FREE PRINTABLE DAILY PLANNER below.

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daily planner printable

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Free daily planner printable to organise your day

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Free daily planner printable

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