What is an Etsy shop announcement?

Your Etsy shop announcement is there to tell your buyers why they are here and what makes you great. It’s a way for you to communicate to your customers the main points quickly. When used correctly, it can be an excellent way to sell your shop items. 

In this post, we will find the best way to use your Etsy shop announcement and give you ideas to make the most of it. 

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What is an Etsy shop announcement?

The announcement of your shop is there to quickly communicate important information about your shop – which the buyer would otherwise have to dig for. It’s a place to sell yourself and make a connection. 

Where do I find my Etsy shop announcement?

Your Etsy shop announcement is at the top of your shop under the main header. 

It forms part of your SEO on Etsy and should contain keywords related to your shop as the first few lines are searchable in Google. 

Screen shot of etsy shop

How do I update my Etsy shop announcement?

You can update your Etsy shop announcement as often as you wish. It can be edited from the front page of your shop and clicking the Edit button. Scroll down to the bottom of your listings, and you will see a pencil icon you can use to edit. 

When you update your announcement, I’d advise placing this in a word document or spell checker first. 

The reason I say this – all part of your shop Branding

What should I say in my Etsy shop announcement?

There are lots of ways to use your shop announcement – mainly, I often see it used to notify of significant changes or restrictions in the shop. Such as a change to postal fees, or turnaround times, items that will come back into stock soon. 

Perhaps your items require some further images or even a video to explain them more – for example, how to clean your items or take care of them. 

Now – you can include videos in your Etsy listings. I think this is a great selling tool and I’m working to see how I can incorporate them as well. Now it is only for use as sellers right now, but buyers will see them soon as well.

Maybe you want to put a positive note about what you are doing in the community or an event you are planning to attend or sell.

This area is about them – it is not about you. Your shop story or your journey should appear in the About section of your shop, not in the announcement. 

Here are a few prompts to get you started :

  • Welcome – say Hello and Welcome the buyer.
  • Who – say who you are and where you are based. 
  • What – what are you selling, what does your shop deliver to the buyer? If you can craft a sentence on how you are unique on Etsy, this will also help draw the buyer in.
  • Where – Are you a local seller or an international (often this might influence a sale)
  • Links – where can the buyer find you elsewhere online. E.g., Instagram, if this is a special place for you, then tell them to go and check it out. Don’t be afraid to tell them what to do here. 
  • Discounts – are you promoting a sale right now? – how can they access it?

Are you still stuck on what to say here?

Where to find inspiration for your shop announcement? (examples of Etsy Shop Announcements)

The best way to find inspiration is to search for a high-volume item on Etsy, such as Stickers. Look at the best sellers, and those will a lot of reviews and see what their shop announcement is. Obviously, you will not copy these, but note if they have mentioned their Instagram handle. Perhaps there is a special announcement regarding posting times and busy periods. 

Now is a good time to take some notes or start drafting your own shop announcement.

The one I reviewed had an update (about the current virus) and what they were doing to ensure they complied with working environment suggestions.

A turnaround time updates Explaining where she was most active online for discounts and coupons. 

Encouraging the buyer to follow her on Instagram. 

A copyright notice on her work, explaining what they could be used for and for what purpose. 

Another announcement I looked at had the following. 

Thank you for visiting – I’m delivering from Taiwan. 

Read before purchase – all sales are final and the refund policy.

Where you can find me on Instagram 

What their shipping policy is and how they can speed it up if urgent.

What to expect for international delivery times.

Coupon code and how to apply them

Please contact me – for any inquiries or special orders. 

Delayed shipping notice due to the coronavirus. 

You see, there are lots you can include in your Etsy shop announcement – it doesn’t have to be boring. Etsy advises to keep this area short and to the point, but I believe it’s a great way to get a quick message across to your audience, so use it wisely. 

Now you may be wondering what my announcement is in my Etsy shop. 

I believe I have work to do, as well. 

I followed these best practices and came up with a better announcement – 

Previous announcement – 

Modern home decor printable wall art. Beautiful botanical-inspired affordable prints which you can easily print and hang in moments. GET 30% OFF TODAY if you JOIN OUR MAILING LIST (copy this URL) http://bit.ly/Onceuponfreeprint

Let’s be social



Updated announcement for my shop

Welcome to OnceUponPaperco – Which features Watercolor wall art prints for every room in your home. Each one is unique and painted by me.

I love watercolor painting and share my work with you all here. I provide artwork in digital format to minimize costs to you and produce each print with care and attention.

Please visit my Instagram @trina_creates to see more of my upcoming work and offers.

All prints are high quality and have large file sizes, this ensures perfect colors and detail every time.

5 out of 5 stars

🌿 I added the free eucalyptus print to this mix & I absolutely love these four prints in my dining room. They printed quite beautifully from a standard printer!
🌿 These printed out perfectly! We did them as quite large prints and they came out flawless.
🌿 Exactly as pictured! Looks amazing!

All prints are delivered by Etsy following payment – so you will receive your files almost immediately.
You can find ideas on where I recommend printing online on my website –

Current valid coupons, simply add during checkout:
30% off any order use – 30OFFTODAY

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All prints are for personal use only. You may not sell these prints as your own work or upload them to print-on-demand sites. Failure to comply with these terms may expose you to legal action.

All prints are of high quality and large file sizes; this ensures perfect colors and detail every time.

So now you can view my new announcement in my Etsy shop. 

See, that only took a few minutes but brings my Etsy shop up to date and should help more with SEO. 

Will I lose traffic if I update my Etsy shop announcement?

When I updated my announcement – I will be honest, I did see a dip in traffic. But we were also coming out of lockdown across the planet and although I’m not sure, I do think this had some impact. However, I would advise you to limit the number of times you update your announcement on Etsy. Simply because Etsy needs time to go through and collect information.

So don’t update it any more than once or twice a year if you can help it, and keep an eye on your shop stats as well.

Concluding thoughts on updating your Etsy shop announcement – Keep the information relevant and up to date. Make sure when you update it – you have checked for spelling mistakes and only update once or twice a year if possible.

I hope you enjoyed this quick tip to improve your Etsy shop and if so – please pin me to your favorite Pinterest board. 

image with papers and text what is an etsy shop announcement

Come back and let me know in the comments if you need help with your Etsy shop.

Thanks for reading today.

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  1. Thank you for this amazing info!! I started my Etsy Shop a few months ago, StemGemz. It’s still a work in progress. I sell stemware charms for any stemmed glass or mugs. The charms are made with recycled wine corks, from lots of wine I have drank. lol
    I’m stumped on my shop announcement and would appreciate any advice you can give me. I post daily on Pinterest and linked my shop to Instagram, FB and Pinterest. Could you please look at my store?
    Many thanks!!!

    1. Hello Lailla,
      Of course – thank you for reading my blog. I will take a quick look at your shop and email you directly.
      Have you thought about using IF this then that app to do all that posting for you?

  2. Lovely article, really interesting read full of information I’m going to need to implement for my own shop!

    Any other tips on how to better my shop, RoamBlogger?

    Thank youuu,


    1. Hello Kirsty,
      Thank you – I’m happy you enjoyed it.
      Please go to your shop and use different keywords on each listing and don’t start each listing with the same words. You could try things like funny animal print, pet gift, cat lover gift, pet portrait. Remember the words which you use are not the same as everyone – so where you say Renaissance – someone else might search for vintage, old, style, old painting, Crown, Royal, funny, masterpiece, character, noble, even simple things like ‘painting of your dog’ – pet painting, pet image. Just mix up your keywords and use all the space you have to make variations. Remember to really dig into related searches at the bottom of your completion shops – and see what Etsy thinks other people are searching for.
      I hope that helps

  3. Alexandra says:

    I appreciate all your information, very informative. I am just getting ready to open my shop and truly miss the live help Etsy use to give.
    What are your thoughts on the About section?

    1. Hello Alexandra
      You can get some nice photos in there – sometimes shop owners use their workspace, desk or even close ups of their tools. You also should have a picture of your sort of info card, your face and a few facts about you. Write a few lines about what you did to get started, why you are a shop owner and what your ambitions for your shop are. You can always view others shops for inspiration. Just don’t make it too big – the size and success of your shop can be measured in listings, so prioritise those.

  4. I’m just about to update my shop announcement so this post is timely and very helpful.
    Thank you for all your helpful posts.

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