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Learning a skill and turning it into your passion is undoubtedly remarkable — especially if you discovered the talent at a tender age. If you are a sewist, there is a way to make money from your talent and that’s finding things to sew and sell online.

Your family, friends, colleagues, schoolmates, or social media might influence your skills. Treat your talent as your trophy — mastering a skill doesn’t happen to everyone.

You can’t quickly learn arts and crafts — unless you have a gift for the skill. But one great example of a unique craft is sewing.

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I have learned Crocheting with friends and Moms and enjoyed sitting on the sofa on a Thursday with girlfriends mastering the skill. 

You need patience and clear eye vision to use a simple fabric and thread to create a lovely item. Our Grandmothers are really great creators of such masterpieces. From baby bibs to mittens, Mothers and Grandmas provided little ones with adorable pieces of clothing.

Moreover, sewing can be a necessity, hobby, or means of income. It’s a beneficial activity — you can choose one sewing skill to learn as your expertise.

This is how most Etsy sellers start to sell. Since it is far better to be the master of one skill than the apprentice of many. 

There is no required age to learn how to sew – and most people should have a go at least once. 

What Can I Make With My Sewing Machine To Sew and Sell online?

Since the invention of sewing machines, stitching has been a piece of cake for tailors and sewists. A sewing machine made production faster and easier. The sewing business was able to create many products in a given time — it paved the way for bulk orders. 

Tailoring services became in demand with the help of sewing machines. Nowadays, you can use a sewing machine in your own small business. 

If you have a sewing machine at home, here are a few ideas for you to make and sell:

  1. Dresses
  2. Gowns
  3. Pants
  4. Purse
  5. Laptop Bag
  6. Pouch
  7. Baby Clothes
  8. Leather Case
  9. Apron
  10. Skorts
  11. Beddings
  12. Blankets
  13. Quilt
  14. Curtains
  15. Pillow Covers
  16. Lanyard
  17. Wallet
  18. Tissue Pouch
  19. Lampshade Cover
  20. Passport Holder
  21. Brush Organizer
  22. Pencil Case
  23. Slippers
  24. Grocery Bag
  25. Drawstring Bag
  26. Shoes

Can I Make Money Sewing Crafts Online?

Sewing crafts belong to the handmade item category, and these products are best-sellers online, especially on Etsy.

There is a high demand for handmade crafts rarely found in physical stores, and selling sewing crafts online is hot and trendy these days.

People who love crafts definitely took the opportunity given by the internet — I mean, who wouldn’t love to own aesthetically pleasing items, right? 

You can start selling profitable crafts on the following online marketplace:

  1. Etsy
  2. Amazon Handmade
  3. Shopify
  4. AliExpress
  5. Instagram
  6. Facebook Marketplace
  7. Pinterest
  8. Carousell
  9. eBay
  10. Cratejoy

Choose a great place for you from the platforms above, but you can also sell craft supplies in your store alongside sewing crafts.


Sewing crafts is an excellent niche for an online business — you can easily widen your audience reach by selling items that you can tag in various categories.

For example – That lovely hand-sewn tiny mouse can be sold in kids’ toys, gifs, and pet products.

What Can I Make Out of Fabric To Sell?

There are many useful things made out of fabric — and you’ll definitely benefit from this product idea. Here is the list of things you can sell from a simple piece of cloth:

  1. Clothes
  2. Shoes
  3. Baby Essentials
  4. Pet Care Products
  5. Bags
  6. Hair Accessories
  7. Home Decor
  8. Furniture Essentials
  9. Wedding Accessories
  10. Art and Collectibles
  11. Toys

You can also include any type of fabric in your listings. Potential customers are searching for material for their own craft business.

Add these fabrics to help fellow sewers purchase what they are looking for:

  1. Linen
  2. Silk
  3. Satin
  4. Embroidery Fabric
  5. Cotton
  6. Muslin
  7. Lace
  8. Chiffon
  9. Crepe
  10. Leather
  11. Velvet
  12. Wool
  13. Canvas
  14. Damask
  15. Organza
  16. Spandex
  17. Mesh
  18. Fleece

Do I Need To Be a good Sewist to Sew and Sell Online?

You don’t need to be too much of an expert to sell sewing crafts — though being good with your skills and having an eye for design is essential.

After all, you don’t want the items to fall apart the week after Christmas.

Also, you must have a keen eye for details. Sewing crafts are high in demand because people make these items with complete attention to detail.

Research suggests that Etsy shoppers are looking for unique items you can’t find on the high street. 

Let your friends and family test your crafts before you sell them online. Ask them for feedback and advice on improving the quality. 

You can also rely on your fellow artisans for tips and advice — there is always room for improvement. 

It would be best if you practiced the following sewing techniques for better handmade goods consistently:

  1. Staystitching
  2. Zig Zag Stitches
  3. Overlock Stitch
  4. Zipper Attachment
  5. Back Stitch
  6. Chain Stitch
  7. Running Stitch
  8. Embroidery Stitches
  9. Whipstitch
  10. Blanket Stitch

What Can I Sew To Make Money?

Think of the main reason people purchase items — out of necessity and love for art. Most customers are looking for useful things they can enjoy for a long time.

Here are a few examples of items that sell well on Etsy:

  1. Hair Accessories
  2. Table Runners
  3. Wall Tapestry
  4. Baby Clothes
  5. Clothing for Men and Women
  6. Rugs
  7. Artwork
  8. Stuffed Animals
  9. Coasters
  10. Baby Bibs
  11. Tote Bags
  12. Bath Towels
  13. Table Cover
  14. Soap Pouch
  15. Pot Holders
  16. Phone Case
  17. Electronics Cover
  18. Washable Cloth Diaper
  19. Pet Accessories
  20. Fragrant Sachets
  21. Furniture Cover
  22. Textile
  23. Gadget Accessories
  24. Garden Decor
  25. Face Masks

You’ll become a top seller if you provide people with amazing things, making their daily lives much more manageable.

That is why it’s essential to know your audience before opening your shop.

Read this post for more product ideas you can sell on Etsy – you might find the perfect sewing project.

Should I Sell Lots of Projects Online?

You can sell as many as possible — as long as you can handle creating a batch of products within the deadline. Most sellers put their items on pre-order.

This way, potential customers will know that the product is not yet on-hand — making them understand why they won’t immediately receive it. 

Sewing takes time — do not accept bulk orders, especially if you handle the business alone.

Publish a few projects on your online shop when you have a regular day job. The workload might get too overwhelming — affecting the quality of the product, and you might receive negative reviews.

Here’s how you can deal with bad reviews on Etsy.

You can post one or two projects for pre-order and test the waters before going deeper into the sewing business. However, you can still add projects to your listing if you have a helping hand by your side.

It’s a perfect handmade business for a group of home Moms or a passion project with your artisan friends. Moreover, it’s a matter of supply and equipment — you can’t create all orders simultaneously when you lack materials.

image of older women at sewing machine with text start sewing at any age

20 Sewing Projects For Beginners

You will enjoy your skill in new ways when you have a knack for sewing. You can work on these projects through hand stitching or using a sewing machine. Check out these Youtube tutorials about easy sewing projects:

  1. DIY Scrunchies
  2. Pajama Shorts
  3. DIY Throw Pillow
  4. DIY Drawstring Bag
  5. DIY Tote Bag
  6. Linen Top
  7. Japanese Knot Bag
  8. Bucket Hat
  9. Trousers
  10. Face Mask
  11. Winter Cape
  12. Car Trash Bag
  13. DIY Apron
  14. Shirt
  15. Off-Shoulder Shirt
  16. DIY Headband
  17. Fabric Coasters
  18. Storage Basket
  19. DIY Mattress
  20. DIY Boxy Pouch with Zipper

What Kind of Sewing Projects Sell on Etsy?

Potential customers search for the perfect gift for their loved ones on Etsy. Sewing projects are ideal gift ideas— a present is even more special when it’s unique.

When you go to Etsy, you’ll find pages of sewing projects on the search results. The craft business is thriving in the global marketplace. 

You’ll find the following sewing crafts on Etsy:

  1. Hand Sewn Little Felt Bear
  2. Hand Sewn Iron-on Patches
  3. Padded Book Sleeve with Zipper
  4. Rustle Bunny Ears Teether
  5. Plush Toys
  6. PVC Pads for Eyelet
  7. Personalized Brown Leather Wallet
  8. Granny Blanket
  9. Recycled Plastic Tote Bag
  10. Linen Napkins

Sewing crafts will test your creativity — brainstorm a product idea that you can turn into a profitable craft. Competitor research is an essential thing before opening your shop. Will your potential customer see your product as a helpful thing?

Familiarize yourself with the target audience — what’s in demand right now? Then base your sewing project on what you find.

The one thing you definitely need to prioritize as a new seller is building your brand image — Etsy is the best place to hone your sewing business before creating your own website.

things to sew and sell for beginners with images of handmade sewing projects

How Do I Learn To Sew Better?

The internet is good news for beginner sewers — it has a vast collection of learning materials. You can easily connect with the craft business community in various ways. To learn more about your craft, better start with these great ideas:

Craft Fairs

It’s easy to find out about specific events through the internet. Browsing on social media can lead you to craft fair announcements — there, you can find out when and where the event will happen.

During craft fairs, sellers and customers interact — talking about their love for the arts and crafts. You can observe the products sold at these fairs. Have a conversation with the sellers — ask for pieces of advice. They might even show you a bit of a tutorial on the sewing technique; who knows?

Youtube Videos

Go to Youtube; the platform will give you a lot from the search results. Learn for free — no limit on how many tutorial videos you can watch. You can even find sewing project tutorials — like the ones listed above.

Find a Youtube channel that can help you improve your skill — here is a helpful list of Youtubers who can teach you how to sew better.

  1. Withwendy
  2. TheCraftyGemini
  3. Angela Clayton
  4. Debbie Shore
  5. Made To Sew
  6. MADE Everyday
  7. Professor Pincushion
  8. Easy Sewing for Beginners
  9. Melly Sews
  10. Sewingtimes

These Youtubers will give you step-by-step instructions on sewing projects — including what sewing methods to use and the best materials for the item. Select one or two videos a day and your own way to further improvement.

Online Classes

As a tailor/seamstress, you must be familiar with sewing jargon. Learn about sewing from the beginning — it’s one of the best ways to quickly improve your craft. The more you know about sewing, the better you understand what’s best for a specific sewing project. 

Moreover, online courses provide certificates — proof that you learned the craft. Some online courses are for free, while others require payment. Opt for the course that is easier to understand — choose an instructor that will clearly explain sewing methods.

Here are online platforms where you can find sewing courses:

  1. Skillshare
  2. Udemy
  3. Anita By Design
  4. Sew Over It
  5. Creative Threads Workshops

You only need an email address and your chosen payment method to enroll. You can watch these tutorials on any device — watch it anywhere. But it’s best to watch it with sewing materials on hand — so you can try the sewing method on your own.

Sewing Workshops

Not all people find online classes an effective learning method; some prefer to attend an actual workshop. In a face-to-face workshop, a student can quickly ask the instructor about a particular matter, and they can even show their work and receive feedback. 

The sewing instructor can give you the most significant advice that may improve your skill. They can tell you what you have been doing wrong and provide an easier way to sew correctly. The student can quickly develop their skills with day-to-day mentoring. 

You can visit the following workshops, if possible:

  1. The Sewing Workshop
  2. Sew Confident
  3. The Caroline Rose School of Sewing
  4. Sew Me Something

How Much Money Can I Make Selling My Sewing Projects?

Sewing is a profitable craft — you can earn up to $10,000 a month. The income is possible if you become a top seller on global marketplaces. You might make more or less $500 a month for beginners — not bad for a good start. 

Learn how to increase your sales on Etsy by reading this blog post. 

Can I Sell PDFs of My Sewing Projects?

You can find sewing patterns on Etsy — and it’s one of the best-selling digital downloads on the online marketplace.

Add the item to your listings, affiliate links, and email newsletters — you can even sell it as a bundle with the sewing project.

Search for competitors who sell sewing patterns. Observe how they market and price the digital item. Sewing patterns can help increase your sales since it’s in demand and has no shipping costs.

If you’re planning to include sewing patterns in your listings, read more about selling digital downloads on Etsy in this blog post.

How To Find Ideas For Sewing Projects To Sell?

You can utilize various platforms to find design inspirations and new sewing project ideas. Get ideas by asking the people around you — what they need and what ideas appeal to them. Online forums are helpful sites to garner ideas. You can freely ask a lot of people and get answers simultaneously. Diversity is essential in running a business.

Using Pinterest is a great idea as well. The platform is a social media site and a search engine simultaneously. Many posts linking to sewing project ideas are available on social media — you’ll quickly find a product idea in no time.

The Etsy Community can be your go-to place for garnering ideas. Ask the community about their opinions — you might even find a seller that will do a collaboration project with you. 

Competitor research is vital during product idea planning — learn more about the strategy here.

image of women sewing with text overlay 25 things to sew and sell

Do I Need Any Special Tools To Sell My Sewing Online?

It’s always best to invest in high-quality materials to offer an excellent product to your potential customers. For starters, all you can use is the usual kit for small items — such as keychains, lanyards, handkerchiefs, hair accessories, etc.

However, producing bedding, blankets, and clothing items requires extra tools on your sewing kit. You’ll be needing the supplies to get that extra money. Here’s a list of basic tools and other sewing essentials:

  1. Pins
  2. Sewing Machine
  3. Measuring Tape
  4. Sewing Needles
  5. Fabric Cutting Shears
  6. Machine Needles
  7. Seam Ripper
  8. Threads
  9. Seam Guides
  10. Iron
  11. Ironing Board
  12. Thimble
  13. Sewing Unpicker
  14. Pincushion
  15. Tailor’s Chalk
  16. Cutting Mat
  17. Ruler
  18. Yard Stick
  19. Safety Pins
  20. Rotary Cutter
  21. Dressmaker Dummy
  22. Needle Threader
  23. Beading Wire
  24. Bead Board
  25. Beading Loom
  26. Fabric
  27. Textile
  28. Sewing Patterns

To make your sewing business a lot easier, find a store you can trust with supplies — you can consistently purchase sewing supplies from them. Receiving orders almost daily will require sufficient craft supplies — to maintain your brand image and keep getting positive reviews.

You can check out these Etsy stores and see if one of them can be the perfect sewing supply shop for you.

  1. Jenerates
  2. OliviasCuriosities
  3. Fabricsnbythesea
  4. MrHobbyCraftTools
  5. StyleArc
wok sewing room with machine and dresses

Best Selling Sewn Items on Etsy?

Tailors/sewists are thriving on Etsy — and they undoubtedly acquired validation and extra income on the online platform. Etsy’s best-selling items are in this category. The listed items below are sewn items that are received well by Etsy customers:

  1. Cozy Microwave Bowl
  2. Plush Toys
  3. Scrunchies
  4. Pouches
  5. Book Sleeve
  6. Tote Bags
  7. Pot Holders
  8. Coasters
  9. Quilted Fabric Storage Bins
  10. Dolls

How Much Does It Cost To Sell My Sewing Crafts on Etsy

The online marketplace charges its sellers $0.20 for every listing they publish — you must prepare your payment account if you have many items to sell. The good news is you can earn free listings on Etsy. Forty free listings, to be exact — you can gain more than that.

You can save a lot from sharing your store’s referral link. Get free listings by offering the referral link to people planning to open an Etsy store. Both parties will get forty free listings — the new seller must complete the registration process before receiving a confirmation email. 

Read more about the Etsy fees you must pay once you open your own online store.

Other Things To Consider When Selling on Etsy  

Your products are one thing, but managing your whole Etsy store is different. You should prioritize these factors from the store name to your Etsy banner to sell well and build your brand image.

Since there’s a high competition in sewing projects on Etsy, you must step up your A-game to give an impression to your chosen audience.

Etsy might have garnered a considerable number of customers over the years, but you must also do self-promotion. As an Etsy shop owner, your workflow will consist of:

  1. Social Media Promotions
  2. Etsy Ads
  3. Shop Announcements
  4. Etsy Store Optimization
  5. Store Branding (name, logo, profile picture, and banner)
  6. Email List
  7. Email Newsletters
  8. Affiliate Links
  9. Shipping Costs
  10. Product Packaging

There are many valuable things to sew that will definitely sell on Etsy. Potential customers are always looking for items to fulfill their needs.

Sewing projects are a good craft business — especially for at-home Moms. Manage your business while waiting for the kids to get home after school — side note, sewing crafts is undeniably therapeutic.

Online marketplaces truly allowed us to do what we love — and earn extra money simultaneously. Creatively good products are best sellers — not just during holiday seasons but also on ordinary days. Appeal to your potential customers with your personality and love for the craft. Your sewing projects will be the best-selling item in no time.

Final thoughts on what to sew and sell online. – Trying new ideas is the best way to grow a sewing business online. Think of new items people want and need to get ahead. Learn how to be a good sewist before you begin and be very good at what you do.

image of mouse fabric doll with text overlay things to sew and sell online

I hope you enjoyed reading our posts.


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