What are the Etsy banner dimensions?

The Etsy shop banner size may seem like a trivial question when you are just starting online, but getting the correct Etsy banner dimensions the first time will save you a headache later. 

The larger Etsy shop banner should be 1600x400px ideally and have some branding included. But don’t just throw up any banner image, here are some tips below to make the most of your real estate.

Should you make your banner, or like many have it designed? – Getting a good Etsy banner up and designed towards your shop goals is easy with these few tricks. Think of it as your shop’s real estate, which is there to show off your handmade products.

Building your brand is an essential part of your business and my business. 

The design of your marketing materials will depend on your branding, much like creating an image for your business. Branding builds your business that comes as part of your personality and should form part of your overall strategy. 

Pretty graphic with text what size is the etsy banner

Each time you create something new, have your branding front and center. This way, you won’t wander off into no man’s land and start adding Blues when in fact, your branding is pink. 

Even very teeny tiny businesses have branding. Sticking to that brand is a great way to get your products seen and ultimately purchased.

If you want to read more about Etsy shop banding, you can read our complete guide here. 

What is an Etsy Banner?

The Etsy shop banner image is the large image area at the top of your shop. It is usually associated with the first impression of your shop. Banners contain the shop name, maybe product photography, and brand logo. The color scheme often matches the store page with a simple graphic to tie it together all of these make it important that you select the correct Etsy banner dimentions.

What to include in your banner design:

  1. Store Name
  2. Tagline
  3. Product Images
  4. Carousel Banner of Products
  5. Store Logo
  6. Discount Offers
  7. Store Announcements

It’s as important as the profile photo — more so when it contains the branding elements of your business.

What Size Should My Etsy Banner Be?

Etsy requires a specific Etsy banner dimension, so it shows correctly. 

Etsy gives you three branding options — a profile image, a small banner, and a larger banner.

Don’t worry, and all will become clear in a moment. 

Profile photo 

Everyone should upload a profile photo. Not an image of your cat. This is the image that appears on the right of your shop. 

image with profile photos and text profile photo

Etsy Shop icon

Your shop icon is the smaller square that appears on the left of your shop. This should be your logo – Now, I’m a bit naughty with mine, as I tend to change it a lot. The recommended size for shop icons is 500 x 500px

Changing your logo is not working in your shop. I.e., doing work that makes money. This is working on your shop and spending time doing practical but not productive work. 

Mini Banners

You can opt to have a smaller banner. This is simply a smaller version of the larger shop banner. If you want to keep your branding simple and less cluttered. These are good for mobile devices.

The minimum required size for mini shop banners is 1200 x 160px. The recommended size is 1600 x 213px

Here are two free examples you can use from Canva.com

etsy shop banner example for jewelry shop
etsy shop banner for fashion shop

The big banner

This is what I use. It is a big Etsy banner and appears on mobile and desktop.

Advertising sales, showcase your best sellers, display coupon codes, download instructions, and other places you want your buyers to find you on the internet. 

The minimum required size for big Etsy shop banner is 1200 x 300px. The ideal size is 1600 x 400px.

once upon paper etsy header image

My recommendation is to create your banner slightly bigger giving you the perfect Etsy banner size.

Can I Make My Own Etsy Banner?

Yes, anyone can make their own Etsy banner. You don’t need to be an expert designer or have any graphic design skills. 

Essentially, you should make your own Etsy banner design because it will reflect the same style as your shop. Suppose your items are pretty neat and botanical. In that case, there is no point in creating a whimsical or monochrome banner. 

The internet provides various content-creating platforms for you to use — a great way to experiment and practice your creativity. Drag and drop your way into a stunning Etsy banner.

A wonderland for Etsy store owners — any marketing material you need is available. Every available template design can be used for digital and printed marketing collateral. These platforms have an extensive selection of design templates, fonts, icons, photos, videos, and so much more.

Here is a list of content-creating platforms you can use for your own Etsy banner:

  1. Canva
  2. PicMonkey
  3. BeFunky
  4. Fotor
  5. Banner Easy
  6. Pixelied

How to Create My Own Etsy Banner?

The first stop should be Canva.com. This is a great starting point for anyone, even if they have the skills to use photoshop or illustrator. Canva.com has made it as simple as possible. 

Create an account – don’t worry, it’s free. Select from the search bar Etsy banner template- this will bring up a lot of examples with the correct Etsy banner dimentions – voila, there are already designs to start working from. 

screen shot of etsy banners in canva.com

If you sign up for a premium account, you have unlimited access to every design — you can even create a brand kit. A feature where they compile all your brand elements — making it easier to design marketing materials.

With hundreds of premade designs to start working from, you can have that banner made and downloaded in a few minutes. 

A few notes on designing your banner

  1. Write down the purpose of your banner. Is it to showcase your work? or advertise buy one get one free? Stay focused.
  2. Do you want your banner to contain everything? – Leave some white space. Using a white background is a good start.
  3. Show off some product photos. A great way to get your best seller noticed
  4. It should have some elements of a business card, maybe where you are located, your unique proposition. (That thing which makes your product better than the neighbors) 
  5. Create several variations of the design so you can tweak them later. 
  6. Don’t squeeze everything into your banner. Can you change the font size to improve the composition?
  7. Pay close attention to detail and check for errors.
  8. Keep to your color palette and font style.

Think of a single goal you want to convey on the banner. Don’t confuse your potential customers — use legible fonts and ensure that the contents are not scattered.

Avoid using banners that have pixelated photos — a simple graphic may work wonders. Use your own images, and ensure they are high resolution. 

Bright colors should match the overall branding of your store.

Does all this seem a little overwhelming?

Buy a premade Etsy banner. Remember, you don’t want your banner, so busy it overshadows your product listings.

Where Can I Buy a pre-made Etsy Banner?

Suppose you have spent three days trying to achieve the look you want. Stop. 

Just move on and buy a banner template and get it done today. Set a timer and finish it, and this is the only way we procrastinators move forward. After you have finished setting up your Etsy profile, you start to make money.

As for an Etsy banner, you will need a simple design that conveys the right message. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

If this is something you are experiencing – don’t worry. We’ve got it covered. 

No problem

Hop on over to Etsy and buy one. For as little as a few dollars, you can transform your store in minutes. Don’t believe me? There are thousands of banner templates on Etsy. You can even go for a custom etsy banner and have one made especially for you.

Check out these few sellers on Etsy to give you some banner ideas and specialize in Etsy banners. 

See, now that was easy. 

If your budget stretches to it, why not grab a custom banner and full suite simultaneously. Doing so is not a good idea if you have just started Etsy. You can buy listing covers, photos, banners, thumbnail images, and icons. 

All these templates can be customized to include your shop’s brand, and more accessible still would be to grab a template you can download and use right inside Cana.com. 

Just type in your shop name, and you are good to go.

How often should I Change My Etsy Banner?

There is no required or recommended frequency of Etsy banner change. This depends on your promotional strategy, especially if you think a new banner design can convey your message better.

The Etsy community has different opinions about changing the Etsy shop banner. Here are a few examples of when you should change the banner.

  • A/B Testing

Change the Etsy banner if you are experimenting with what styles appeal to the audience — A/B testing is recommended for new Etsy shop owners. 

Finding what style and theme fits your store is enough reason to change your banner. Observe how your store gets attention by just a banner design. Moreover, A/B testing is essential if you figure out the right choice between a cover photo or a mini banner.

  • Holidays

Incorporate holiday elements for your banner — especially if you have products relevant to the holiday.

It’s also a great way to show that the store is active and timely. You can also announce holiday sales and promos through the Etsy banner.

  • Rebranding

Most Etsy sellers rebrand their store after a year — even after a few months. Rebranding is a strategy to create a new color scheme image and personality of a business. 

The first thing store owners do is create new brand elements — most importantly, the logo, store name, new color palette, and tagline. Changing the banner is necessary to include the updated brand elements.

  • Announcements

Using a carousel banner is a suitable choice for store announcements. (A carousel banner is only available with Etsy pro.) 

Over time, sellers discover new marketing strategies to attract customers — various deals, promos, and discounts. Etsy shop announcements are announced on holidays or whenever they think it’s right to put items on sale. Making frequent banner changes is essential if you want to maximize your results.

Final thoughts on what size should my Etsy shop banner be?

If you are a new Etsy shop owner, it isn’t easy when faced with a blank canvas – so it is better to buy a template on Canva.com and get something up there on your Etsy account. View several banner examples to decide which is best for your shop. Keep it as simple as possible. Avoid any contrasting colors unless you are an experienced banner maker.

Grab our free bundle of Etsy helpful stuff today.

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