How to leave a review on Etsy

After you have made a purchase on Etsy, you may wish to leave a shop owner review. These reviews are essential to Etsy shop owners as they provide valuable information for buyers and improve the shops’ overall credibility.

This post will cover everything about leaving Etsy shop reviews, but not how to deal with a negative review.

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Simple Tips on How to Leave a Review on Etsy?

A buyer can leave a review on Etsy for 100 days from delivery time or, in the case of digital downloads, 100 days after you have downloaded some or all of the files.

Where do you leave reviews on Etsy?

You can find links to your purchases under your Etsy profile – Purchases and reviews.

Here you will find all of your purchases with that account and highlights which past purchases are awaiting a review from you.

image of purchases on etsy

Why am I not able to leave a review on Etsy?

Once 100 days have passed since you purchased, the ability to leave a review will be removed. You do not have the option to leave a review if you checked out as a guest since the purchase is not in your account.

Will Etsy prompt me to leave a review?

Once you log back into Etsy, you will see the review prompt on your account’s main page. Sometimes Etsy highlights those purchases you can still leave a review for.

Buyers can also find the option to leave a review under their profile and the Purchases and Reviews page in the account.

What should I say in my Etsy review?

Help others by sharing your feedback.

Your review should be helpful to both the shop owner and future buyers. So write with them in mind. 

What do you like about this? Did it dispatch on time? Describe your experience with this shop.

Use the star indicator to show how much you enjoyed the item. Five stars is a good experience; one star is low satisfaction.

Most buyers leave a few words on how they enjoyed the item, how they used it, and their benefits since using the item. You can say as much or as little as you prefer.

If you have purchased several items – it’s ok to copy and paste your reviews to the next item.

Most reviews are friendly and leave a review as it completes the purchase, and buyers want to acknowledge their joy at receiving the item.

Buyers may wish to mention quality or shipping or just how pleased they are with the item.

What do I write in my Etsy review?

When writing the review, try to write in a friendly tone and be honest with your feedback. 

If it is helpful to include a photo in your review, you can do so on the desktop by simultaneously uploading an image.

Use positive words – such as 

Perfect, Exactly what I wanted, Great product, Good value, Fast shipping

All of these go a long way to helping the shop and the next buyer – it shows a great compliment that you have taken the time to write a thoughtful shop review. 

You may not leave insulting language in your review, and please do reframe from making it personal.

Can I edit my review?

You may edit your review if you purchased it within 100 days.

Do I have to leave a positive review?

You do not have to leave a review at all – if you don’t wish to. If you are not entirely happy with your purchases, try to contact the shop owner in the first instance and wait for a response. Shop owners are interested in your views, and it helps them improve their service.

What if a shop owner asks me to change my review on Etsy

Shop owners worry about receiving negative reviews in their store; after all, they directly reflect on them as business owners and shop keepers.

If you have left a negative review, which the shop owner has resolved to your satisfaction – the shop owner would be very grateful if you changed your review to show a favorable resolution. Some shop owners will ask you to change your review, but you are not obliged to do so. 

How to leave a photo on my review

Log into your account on the desktop and have your photo ready. When you write your review – there is a space to add a photo. 

Please note that these photos are now out in public and should not include people’s faces and should be relevant to the purchased item.

Can the shop owner have my review removed?

The shop owner has the right to have your review removed if the complaint is not within their control. For example, if the item was lost in the post, if the item was left in the wrong place, the item was damaged in the post through no fault of the seller. i.e., the dog ate it

The shop owner will also ask for the review to be removed if it falls outside the Etsy guidelines on language or contains threatening behavior.

Should I always leave a 5-star review?

As shop owners, we strive for 5 stars every time. If you write a positive review and are completely happy with your purchase, then yes, it deserves 5 stars. (Not 4 as some people do)

An example of a useful review

5 stars review

I love my items so much; they arrived with beautiful packaging with a lovely personal note from the seller. Will be back to purchase again. 

And include a photo.

Concluding thoughts on how to leave a review on Etsy. Check out within your Etsy account to access the review platform after you have received the item.

Leaving a positive review helps the shop owner and acknowledges their hard work. If you are not entirely happy with your product, contact the shop owner first via the messaging system – before leaving a negative review. 

Most reviews deserve 5 stars. 

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How to leave a review on ETsy

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